8 November 2010

In Bali, everywhere you look there's a temple

Some are big and grand

Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati

some are small, local ones

everywhere you look there's a temple

and some are tiny shrines to protect, say, the rice paddies.

shrine to protect the rice paddies

A back street in Ubud: rice, a shrine, tropical flowers.

Most feature statuary of some kind

at Pura Tanah Lot

Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest

and there's a festival of some sort every three minutes. While we were there the festival of metal took place and all the motorbikes and cars (which usually have a daily offering on their dashboards anyway) were highly decorated.

decorating the cars and motorbikes

offering on the front of a motorbike

There are offerings everywhere - in front of every house, shop and building, all over the footpaths, tucked into alcoves, on ledges, you name it.

offering with chocolate bar

freshening up the offerings

statue with offering

offerings everywhere

Bringing the offerings

blessing the offerings

blessing the offerings

One can purchase flowers and petals at the market to make one's own offerings

the flower and petal seller

or you can buy them already constructed.

offerings for sale

architectural details

The tall bamboo decorations placed outside temples and some houses, called penjors, are prepared for major festival days.

Statue and penjor


marigold decorations from a ceremony

Clearly it's all too much for some.



lisette said...

that looks just like billthedog! he must have a balinese cousin.

bali looks lushly incredibly beautiful

pinry said...

just beautiful! i love that the celebration of the spiritual suffuses everyday life in bali. you've really got me yearning to go back. (i think that shop 'panen' was one of my favorites when i was there years ago!)

Mary said...

It is delicious to see these as I (re) read eat pray love.

katiecrackernuts said...

I lived in Vietnam for a wee little while and was always gobsmacked by the amount of preparation that went into festivals and there seemed to be one every second week - well actually, there was. Blew me away. I can barely mustle up the energy to decorate the Christmas tree each year and Easter, pfft. It's a dash to the shops for bakery-store hot cross buns.

Naomi said...

Thanks for the photos! I love them even though they are making me seriously envious. Since I've been living in WA, every second person is always off on holiday to Bali. I got the impression it was like a cheap and tacky Asiany version of the Gold Coast ... but your photos have shown me how nice it is.

Pity I am 30 weeks preggo, so travel is off the cards for a bit. How old do you think one's (er, first) baby would have to be before one took it on a trip to Bali?

fifi said...

Oh I had forgooten how beautiful Bai is, I must try getting back there soon.
Those pretty little offertories are often found floating around in the surf at the surf spots..so lovely.

sueeeus said...

I think I shall have to take BB to Bali one day. Those offerings remind me of him. On the motorbikes, on the cars, everywhere. He does this as well - makes little nature expressions - I find them everywhere. Perhaps he was Balinese in another life.

Duyvken said...


librarygirl said...

Something very beautiful about those offerings.

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful pictures Suse. I love the pretty green, moss-covered statues. What a wonderland!