13 November 2010

once upon a time in a far off land ...

... there was this place called Sewjourn. If you've been reading here for a while you'll know how ace a weekend at Sewjourn is, and Cup Weekend (yep, another long weekend, hip hip) was no different.

we brought the rain with us again

We took the rain with us again, although thankfully it wasn't quite as apocalyptic as last time and after a bit the sun did grace us with its presence.

sunshine after rain

I took remarkably few photographs this time, which I think is testament to how much fun I was having just being in the moment. I did a spot of knitting, a wee bit of essay preparation, some cooking, a whole lot of eating, enough laughing to keep me going for some time to come, and some quilting.

On the first day my quilt looked like this ...

arranging the blues

... and on the second day it looked like this.

ocean blues
There's Kate. Hi Kate!

On the last day it had a deep blue border around it, of which there is no photographic evidence.

Others were busy too. The Kates were industrious with their quilting and knitting and felting ...


... Sue made couch covers and a parliament of wols ...

sue's wols

Yuki knitted and sketched and made the most fantastic Japanese meal, Janet and Jenny sewed their hearts out, Kate pointed imperiously (that shot makes me laugh, although please excuse my bottom) and Felicity did amazing Miss Havershamish things with white linens and lace.

in full bloom

There were a few hiccups. Kate flew in from Adelaide for the weekend but her luggage went awol for a few worrying hours before the airline couriered it to her, Jenny remembered sewing gear and bed linen but forgot to bring her bag of clothes (thank heavens for the Lancefield op shop which supplied her with clothes and pyjamas for the weekend), and Janet's car broke down as she tried to return Kate to the airport at the end of the weekend, necessitating a quick shift of luggage into my car and a call to the RACV for Janet.


But on the whole of course it was delightful and wonderful and hilarious and well, you know. Awesome. There's nothing quite like hanging out with kindred spirits.

busy bee

This was the last of our 2010 craft weekends and it's been an amazing and rewarding journey of nurturing friendships, developing the vibe of the tribe, finding the right path. Thanks to my co pilot Janet and to everyone who's come to one or more of our weekends this year. Here's to next year. And the ones after that. And to the ones when we're in our seventies. Oh yeah.

the sun after the rain

PS. Also, because you asked nicely, a soap tutorial is on its way.


Janet said...

well said my friend. Especially the bit about the the vibe of the tribe - most excellent! And thank you! Here's to craft weekends for next year and beyond!!

ps that sun and rain photo with the dark clouds and yellowish leaves is awesome.

Sarah said...

That's it. I'm starting my own sewjourn.

shula said...

A soap tutorial?

I thought it was NEVER going to happen.

Mel said...

Yay, I'm waiting for the soap tutorial too.

Isabelle said...

I love the irises too, and the lavender. In November??? so odd in British terms. Here, things are going to sleep for the winter, though unfortunately the humans have to keep plodding out to work.

eurolush said...

I am not jealous. I am not jealous.

I am...not?...jealous.

Love, love, love hearing about your Sewjourn weekends. Living vicariously. Imagining myself there. The photos help. Maybe I should start photo-shopping myself into them. That way, I'll feel like I'm part of the gang.

Your quilt is ACE, by the way.

Glad you had so much fun. Thanks so much for sharing!

Stomper Girl said...

Oh yes, here's to many more Sewjourns for the tribe, and thanks again to you and Janet for organising it. Can't wait for the next one, I a was very sad to miss this last one especially now I've heard all about Yuki's lunch.

innercitygarden said...

Ah yes, pointing imperiously. Or evidence for all and sundry that I can't count without doing actions.

Must remember to take photos of stuff I made... kicking myself that I was at Scragfight this morning and forgot to get the magnetic handbag clip I need to finish my new bag with.

thornberry said...

It really is a wonderful place isn't it! You obviously had a terrific time. I'm just back from there and only remembered to take photos an hour before we left! We're clearly relaxing into the vibe and it seems as though your group was doing the same. Love the quilt, by the way!

Kate said...

Hi, suse! Nicely framed, I am, in that mirror. Very neat.

Also, because I am too lazy to comment on two different posts, I see much potential for decorating toothbrushes with different coloured sharpies. They take dye very well (as mine has prooved, with my hair stain on it. Swirly and blue)

victoria said...

Oooh, I am so into your quilt-in-progress.