29 November 2010

scenes from a week

sunrise with trampoline
sunrise with trampoline

the callistemons are flowering

cumquat marmalade
cumquat marmalade

pretty weeds

big blurry cousin hug
big blurry cousin hug

plectranthus argentatus above a carpet of callistemon petals
plectranthus, with a carpet of callistemon petals


Fioleta said...

Beautiful. I had to google what cumquat is - sounds interesting.

victoria said...

Absolutely wonderful collection. "Sunrise with trampoline" and the marmalade one are my favorites.

Stomper Girl said...

Your trampoline looks the same as ours but your view of a sunrise is much much nicer than the one out our backyard.

zephyr said...

Envy your skies. The pots of marmalade make me salivate! And, those are lovely weeds!

elizabeth said...

I love Sunrise with Trampoline.
Our trampoline gets in the way of a lot of photos but they aren't as gorgeous as this. I like the mist especially.

The Coffee Lady said...

I love the blurry. I embrace the blurry.

Lynn said...

Thank you for filling my beauty tank. As well as whatever tank gets filled by viewing photos of adorable baby Muppet birds.

Sue said...

I know what a cumquat is! I've never seen it spelled with a c though. Here in the UK it's spelt kumquat. They are a bit of a rarity like quinces which I am always having to explain.

Lovely photos by the way :o)


christinelaennec said...

My Granny, who lived in Northern California (Redding) used to make kumquat jelly! I think from a tree in her garden.

shula said...

I've been meaning to tell you...

The marmalade is