8 December 2010

so, that drought that lasted 11 years?

It broke.


Now we have floods. And bedraggled birds.

Other things:

School finished for the year today for the elder two children and the long summer holidays stretch deliciously in front of them. Son #3 still has ten schooldays left, much to his disgust. His brothers are rubbing it in, of course. Lots of exaggerated sighs of relief and talk of massive sleep-ins.

early summer sunset

The Mighty Cellos are playing with the primary school kids tomorrow night at their end-of-year music concert. The Tarantella features heavily (rather fast for my beginner fingers but I'm keeping up), and the finale is a 'hoedown' which involves waving of bows, footstomping and spinning of cellos, which sends us all into fits of giggles. I'll be handing the camera to either Mr Soup or one of the older boys so stay tuned for some hilarious celli video action here on the blog (once I've seen the footage and vetted it, that is).

garden soldiers

We watched The Dish the other night in preparation for The Great Roadtrip North that's looming. I'd forgotten just what a delightful film it is. (Of course now the boys want to play cricket on the dish). Love the part where the teenage band play the Hawaii Five-O theme music when the American ambassador arrives. And Janine who keeps turning up with baskets of sandwiches for the scientists.

Today was my usual Wednesday "off", which means (now that Uni has finished up for the year) that I run around frantically doing the grocery shopping, laundry and myriad household chores. I also made a brief excursion to the Apple shop and, carefully averting my eyes from the shiny iPhones everywhere (sigh, the trials of being on a budget), I purchased an essential but boring new printer (why are appliances built to be disposable these days; makes me cross) from a delightful young man who didn't speak in tongues or make me feel like a complete technophobe. Thoroughly retailed out, I returned home for a cup of tea and proceeded to make two more batches of soap, which are currently tucked up under blankets in the laundry, quietly doing their magic.

Oh it's raining again. What a surprise. There's a bucket in the middle of the lounge room floor, catching drips, and the music is getting turned up louder and louder to be heard over the roar on the tin roof. Time to give up and go to bed with my book. (Skippy Dies, by Paul Murray. Very good! I've also just finished Stones from the River by Ursula Hegi, and The Facts of Life by Graham Joyce, both equally recommended if you're looking for a good read).



Stomper Girl said...

The bedraggled bird shots are magic!

One of Cherub's Grade 1 classmates was sitting next to me, checking out my ipod and she said is that an iphone and I said no its an ipod then she said is it an ipod touch and I said no, then she said is it a nano. So I told her it was a "classic" and then she told me about her own ipod touch. She's 7 and she has her own ipod touch! And when I asked my boys they reckoned heaps of kids have them at our rather affluent school. Blimey. I suppose they're all getting iPADs for Christmas are they?

Good luck for your concert, go the Mighty Cellos, look forward to some giggly footage.

Frogdancer said...

I've been given 300g of beeswax to make soap with...

Yippee! Want some?
Good luck with the concert.

By the way, this 6 weeks of waiting till you can use the soap is a bit of a bore. I'm diligently turning them over every day and they're looking so enticing. I want to use them NOW!!!!!!
I'm also looking at buying some fragrances, like lavender and citrus. I'm spending my pupil free time googling soap recipes and writing courses for next year. Roll on the holidays!

herhimnbryn said...

Oh, that Magpie looks like a bedraggled parish priest in his black togs.

I do like the sound of 'gentle' rain on a tin roof, but the drawack is the cacophony of a thunderstorm.

Looking forward to the cello vid.

herhimnbryn said...

Ps soup Lady have you seen the felted soap covers that bloggers are making now? It prolongs the life of the soap and looks very pretty!

froginthepond said...

We've had so much rain that our kids are finally used to its sound on the roof. Except for the thunderstorm bits.

Our backyard is hosting bedraggled magpies and mynahs and wild looking hedges surprised by being watered so much.

Lynn said...

Got a boat ready, just in case?

I picture you cheerily floating away, playing your cello. Sort of Venetian gondolier-style, but wrong instrument...

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Poor old magpie , hunched and resigned !
Why do we all suffer from the compulsion to rush about being housewifely on our days off ?
My New Year Revolution may well be "I Will Sit Down More Often " .Or at least until the rice , soap powder and loo rolls run out .

Fairlie said...

Snap! to the "bucket in the middle of the lounge room floor, catching drips".


peppermintpatcher said...

Oh that magpie is hilarious!

Good luck with the spinning of cellos - that sounds tricky.

The Coffee Lady said...

So right about the disposable nature of things! People look at me as if I'm insane when I ring the washing machine repair man. Why am I not just going to a shop?

zephyr said...

Love that bird. Love the fact that there won't be killer fires on the near horizon, and hope the floods aren't just as bad.

BabelBabe said...

i am inordinantly pleased that i recc'ed two of those books : ) glad you liked. off to check out the third...

Kylie said...

SOunds like you have been busy - yes drought OVER! As long as the water gets to where it is meant to be.

Be careful on the roads - My BIL just came though Parks and came across a few closed roads in his travels.