29 January 2011

high tea

Chilli Tea

Finally, some knitting content. (You may cheer or leave now, depending on the level of your interest in knitting).

Looking back over my archives it seems as though I've knitted only socks and shawls for the past few years, but actually there were a couple of very successful short sleeved cropped cardigans (although somehow they don't quite seem to count as they're just rectangles). Anyway I am mightily pleased with what feels like my first garment in ages.

The pattern is the justly famous Tea Leaves which has now been knitted by over 1000 Ravellers. The pattern is elegant, beautifully written, results in a gorgeous garment and was a gift to me from the lovely Tania when I said at craft camp last year that it was high up on my Things to Knit list. She challenged me to a knit-along faster than you can say swatch, and generously procured me a bona fide purchased pattern a few days later.

I bemoaned some weeks later that I had too many wips languishing on the needles already, but of course succumbed and cast on a couple of nights before Christmas, and it became my three-day-car-journey knitting project. I cast off while we were on our island holiday, returned to my parents' house and rummaged unsuccessfully through Mum's button box for something suitable, finally packing it away reluctantly to be blocked and be-buttoned back home in Melbourne.

So now it's done. And of course, being back in a Melbourne summer (as opposed to a Queensland summer which is still hot even when there's water water everywhere), I've had several opportunities to wear it already. And I love it.

Chilli Tea

The cardigan grew lengthwise with blocking (but not widthwise thankfully), resulting in the sleeves now being a smidge longer than I'd like, but for now I'm leaving it. If they drag annoyingly in my supper too often I'll rip out the cuffs and shorten them a tad.

Interestingly, this project has kicked off my knitting mojo which went missing in action for the last couple of months of 2010. Since then I've knitted a pair of wristwarmers from the remainder of the Tea Leaves yarn (during the car trip home), and a cabled beret in deliciously soft alpaca. I've also made good progress on a pair of socks in a denim sock yarn that has thus far tried to be an Aeolian shawl, a Damson shawl and a pair of patterned socks in turn. Each was successively ripped out and the yarn is now happily becoming a very simple ribbed sock. My Big Garter Wrap, which is acre upon acre of soothing garter stitch, is now officially two thirds finished, but there are no pictures yet because it's knitted in hand dyed chunky green wool which will be dyed either a more consistent deep dark forest green or charcoal upon completion.

Yep, I've got the bug again.

Vital statistics
Pattern :: Tea Leaves
Yarn :: Morris & Sons Woollahra 10ply/worsted
Colour :: Chilli
Needles :: 4mm and 4.5mm
Started :: 21 December 2010
Finished :: 10 January 2011

Full details, notes and photos have been ravelled.


Janet said...

Oh Suse, I saw the photo of you in that gorgeous red work of art and my heart skipped a beat with excitement!

Well done you. Yay!

shadygrey said...

It's SO gorgeous. And I am SO jealous.

Stomper Girl said...

It looks so good! And incidentally, I think Woollahra is such a good name for yarn.

peskypixies said...

looks fabulous!!!!
I love mine too.

rachel said...

That is simply gorgeous, and I want one!

The sleeves in your supper aren't as bad as sleeves in the washing up water, I think; wet cuffs take ages to dry out!

ThirdCat said...

that's a gorgeous colour...when you say you'll rip out the cuffs, do you really mean it? I'm just curious, because I'd say it, but I'd never get round to it (witness slightly large hat amongst other things.

Wrenolds said...

I love the colour! And it looks wonderfully soft and cozy.

Elizabeth said...

Well done.
Do get the cuffs exactly how you want them or it will bother you forever.

LK said...

OOOOh, your new sweater looks gorgeous!!!

I dunno, I like my sleeves a little on the long side, somehow I feel warmer. You might like them too when winter comes your way.

I still wear, treasure, adore the knitted wristwarmers you gave me in a trade we made a few years ago. I even wear them in the house when I am working at the computer. :> I think of you with gratitude each time I wear them. My littles still wear the mittens you made, too. Your yarn choices are so spot-on- the items have worn so well and still look so nice!

Mary said...

So so beautiful...and such a great colour

Frogdancer said...

My knitting mojo is still M.I.A.
Too busy making soap and quilts.

telfair said...

Yay. I lurve the knitting content. That sweater is smashing. And you are a fast knitter...it takes me ages to finish anything...I always end up with nice warm socks being cast off in July.

Christine Laennec said...

That is brilliant! Very inspirational, and it looks great on you.

Sue said...

Just beautiful. Nice to see your knitting mojo return.

Tania said...

Just darned lovely, that. So, so pleased you're a Rise To The Challenge type. So pleased you egged me on too. A confession? So enjoyed the Madelinetosh, convinced the Mr that the 11th year of marriage is the anniversary of yarn. I am now in possession of five skeins of Tart.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Another lovely sweater ! It's surely not that long ago that you made a beautiful little jacket in blue ?
Your speed and skill are only matched by your perfect choice of colour ( i.e. exactly the colours I want ! ..... NOW )

Isabelle said...

Love it! Beautiful red.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Suse -- it's absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe all the knitting that you manage to get done -- you're amazing!

Kate said...

So lovely! It's nice to have mojo back, isn't it? Mine has sodded off again, but only I think because it's too hot. I don't want to do ANYTHING, frankly, but lie on the couch and moan.

Do you have a WIP list? I realised I have quite a few, although I don't feel like it because most of them are 'hibernating'.

dillpickle said...

It's lovely, and the colour's gorgeous! My daughter has the tiny version (knitted by grandma), and it's quite fantastic.

The Coffee Lady said...

It's gorgeous. I covet it, because it is red and because I am frozen.

Antoinette said...

Hello Suse! I do love this muchly. I favourited it on ravelry and I was so inspired by your version that I', making my very own red Tea Leaves, (in the Morris Pure 'Red Cordial').
But that Woollahra is to die for. It looks utterly beautiful.

melissa said...

oh, that is one beautiful cardigan! well done you. :)