12 February 2011

har har

mean pirate

In the interests of balance I thought I'd best show you the youngest pirate too. This was for a fancy dress party last year - he wore one of my striped tee shirts with a soft toy parrot safetypinned to his shoulder. Do you like the clip-on gold earring we found?

16 April : the pirate is mean but the parrot is kind of a softie har har

After these shots were taken his father drew a big scar down one cheek.

Thanks for all your comments yesterday. The suggestions for wedding attire were of great help, particularly the brilliant one which recommended I wear pipecleaner goggles. I'll post photos I promise.


herhimnbryn said...

Those boys of yours are a complete and utter delight. I want some sellotaped glasses now!

Re wedding? Dress slightly edgy, but with comfortable shoes.

Lynn said...

All's right with the world now. All pirates present and accounted for. And we have one of those clip-on pirate earrings, too! Another beautiful bond!!

Thimbleanna said...

I'm hopeless at attire for any affair. I get out of going at all if I can ;-).

LOVE that pirate -- the earring and parrot are FANTASTIC!!!

The Coffee Lady said...

I'm scanning old photos too at the moment. I wish they had pirates in.

Serena said...

I love the pictures of your boys. As one who is not the most fashion-forward, I'll bow out on giving advice on the subject of wedding attire.

shadygrey said...

I'm way too late reading this to give fashion advice, no doubt you're at the wedding as I type this. But I just had to say... GET OUT! You always look so stylish, as IF you need fashion advice, EVAH!!
x Shady

Anna of Helylle said...

A bit late, but I have to say I love that sweater/cardigan from a few posts ago. The colour is great. Well done!

herhimnbryn said...

Dear Soup Lady,
Have just read through your 'Not just cookbooks' list. I no longer have to listen to the BBC's 'Book Programme' for bookish insights!

PS Have you read anything by Fred Vargas? I have just 'found' her in the library. Translated from the french and all about a rather quirky police inspector.

victoria said...

A bit off the subject but I' really interested in those white painted bricks/stones. I'd like to do that same in my house. Anyway, carry old.
p.s. LOVE the old kids pics from previous post.