11 February 2011

shut up, it's called rich imaginative play

playing pirates
Another one from the archives. 1999?

They were being pirates. Note the telescope, the feathers cellotaped to their foreheads, and my personal favourite, the pipecleaner goggles, also cellotaped to his head. (We went through a lot of cellotape in those days). The top bunk was the pirate ship.

What's going on in your life right now? Mine is full of Unbloggable Ishews right now so I'm being a bit boring here on the blog. Now I'm craving cashews. Oy vey, the power of suggestion huh?

I'm going to a wedding tomorrow. More Unbloggable Ishews around that too! Moving on.

I went out in my lunch hour yesterday to try and find a dress to wear as my wardrobe is out of practice in the Wedding Attire department. Didn't find a dress but came home with a lovely black swing line jumper from Witchery (on sale yay) that will do nicely for work, and winter etc. Still have no idea what I'm going to wear to this wedding tomorrow. Maybe a black jumper? That's not good according to the etiquette ladies, is it?

I made some more soap, with cloves this time. It looks rather murky but it smells like I imagine Zanzibar would smell. It doesn't look appetising in photographs though so here's another random photo from the archives.

Lego rocket ships!
Lego rocket ships!

See that urchin on the left? He's now 15 and still has eyelashes and a dimple to die for. (He's also still our token extrovert, trapped in a family of introverts, poor child). Oh and poor Son #3, he just doesn't appear does he?

Speaking of the third child, he's going through a phase where he can't get to sleep at night because he's suddenly afraid of intruders and stray axe murderers, and keeps appearing in our bed at 11pm for snuggles. Poor lamb. It's a challenge being nearly twelve.

Also, please help. I had a minor accident over on Ravelry the other day and somehow bought 5 skeins of delicious Madeline Tosh merino worsted (single ply, yum!) from someone's destash and now I have to knit it into something worthy. Suggestions please. (It's about 200 yards per skein and the colour is 'Stovepipe', a deep lush layered blue-black-grey).

By the way, next post I'm having a giveaway, just like the real bloggers do. Stand by knitters, I think you'll like it.


blackbird said...

And here I thought silence meant things were going swimmingly.
Ishews indeed.
Try some w(h)ine.

The List Writer said...

I do love the little, shiny white teeth that small children in photos always have. And the pipe cleaner goggles are awesome.

rachel said...

It's generally the Ishews that make for interesting posts, but I can't bring myself to blog about them either! Your boys are gorgeous; love the taped-on feathers!

Di said...

Argh! Pirates! Regular feature in dress ups here (shall have to suggest the loft bed as the pirate ship), as are pipe cleaner goggles, although not both at the same time!
Hope your Ishews resolve themselves without too much angst.

Emma said...

Madeline Tosh is so delicious! They have the most amazing colours. I am knitting a featherweight cardigan with Tosh Lace in turquoise. I am going to add Habu stainless to the collar and see what happens.

The kids are gorgeous. We have a lot of imaginative play too, and flourishing creativity, mixed with our own brand of geek. The 7 year old gave his Dad a home made Tardis for his birthday. Way more fun than ishews.

Z said...

ah! i just love those photos! so funny!
i love it when they can play like that!

Janet said...

Did you know you can change your Facebook language to English (pirate)*. Ahoy there, my little pipe cleaners!

Hope your Ishews resolve (inasmuch as Ishews can). Sigh. We are moving on from our Ishews around here and luckily the rain has given us all a break from each other (no dinner in the park).

Have no advice to offer re wedding attire, but am sure you will look stylish as ever.

Your boys are gorgeous as ever. And love that nineties pentax colour.


Janet said...

ps we still use masses of sticky tape. And cardboard boxes. A sign of a creative childhood I think.

Hyena In Petticoats said...


I have five skeins of stovepipe too - only in the mcn worsted.... when you figure out what to do with yours, let me know!

Leah xx

RW said...

we got stuff going on here too.
glad to hear your voice though.

good luck with the wedding attire.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You could wear your stylish new jumper to the wedding ,etiquette be damned , telling yourself that it's the bride's Big Day ? But you won't , because we never do !
I like the pirates' feathers . Very dashing .... and so much less noisy than a parrot .

christinelaennec said...

I have no advice re wedding attire (or Ishews) but I did remember that Ysolda Teague has done patterns calling for Madelintosh worsted. I don't know if you need hats and mitts, but for example her Snapdragon Tam and Flip-flops use that wool. I believe you can buy them from her website, www.ysolda.com. I'm curious to know what you end up using it for!

Mary said...

I know nothing about knitting.

But was overwhelmed by a desire to see you. Must talk to j about trip to Melbourne.


froginthepond said...

Well, Ita says No to wearing black to a wedding - but that's the colour I put my bridesmaids in! Choose something dashing and then add extra dash with one of your shawls (certainly the weather may demand it).

I joke that we should by stocks in sticky tape given how much the youngest uses it. Perhaps i should start taking myself seriously.

ellen said...

I say wear pipe cleaners and cellotape and create some more Ishews.

Anonymous said...

what gorgeous kids! - about the same vintage as mine I reckon. Those photos take me back to when times were simpler and uncomplicated. My advice for ishews...a big cardboard box from a shop that sells chest freezers. Cut a door and two little windows, go in and get comfy. There and the top bunk are great little getaways!
sue x

Anonymous said...

those were the days - when every week i bought each player a roll of tape for "making stuff".

now realise that when the players became teenagers i replaced the tape for them with red wine for me.

Lynn said...

'Tis the season for ishews, I guess. Enough already, I say! Take good care of yourself.

And I'm still chortling about the tape on the faces...

Stomper Girl said...

Oh my god you stickytaped things on to your kids faces?!?!? I'm calling Child Protection.

The Good Weekend had a Maggie Alderson article just this last weekend saying you absolutely must NOT wear black to a wedding, but the only reason I could glean was 'tradition', which may or may not still apply. I swear I only read her articles so I can get irritated by her.

sueeeus said...

What Mary said!!! But sadly it's not a hop, skip, and jump for me.

Hugs, my friend. I have radio silence on my blog too....

Sandra - too heavy to stand on a soapbox, but undeterred said...

I hope things turn out better for you soon. I cannot imagine you looking unstylish, especially with one of your particularly gorgeous scarves on.

Jo Windmill said...

I know it's a little late to comment...but I am just catching up on my "reading"...so, yum yum to the Stovepipe Madelinetosh! I have also just discovered my yearning for same yarn...Now, of course tea leaves is not everyone's cuppa, but maybe that...or, what about Mary jane by Sarah Johnson without the puffy sleeves, though worsted may be too chunky.