1 March 2011

pinch and a punch for the first of the month

The cat now sports a pink, flowery and totally girly collar, complete with little tinkly bell. His masculinity is not the least bit compromised, I assure you. (That was done by a vet a year or so ago).

The cat and the dog spent their first whole day together today without human intervention while we were all at work and school. Together they managed to pull the almost-full box of cat food off the shelf (that would be the cat), thoroughly shred the cardboard in their mission to rip the box open (the cat, again) and eat three quarters of the contents (the dog, although I'm sure the cat ate at least a handful). The dog now smells like he has severe indigestion and the remaining cat food is safely in a tupperware container with a secure lid. The cat? Butter wouldn't melt etc.

The hall rug was also bunched up into a little bundle so someone gave it what for during the day.

I've knitted two more baby hats (babies and photos to come) and am now crocheting granny squares for this appeal. The cat is assisting. If any of you hookers out there want to make a few grannies please do!

More sad news. Christchurch, around the world, and in my own circle once again. Too many funerals.

Semester has begun and I've attended my first lecture of the year. Simultaneously exciting, stimulating and exhausting as I think of the juggle ahead. (Note to self, don't think, just do).

Similarly, at the university where I work (a different one, of course, just to make life inconvenient interesting) semester has begun and the staff car park is full of illegally parked students and the queues for coffee in the caf are ridiculously long, forcing us to make do with the sticky and slightly dusty jar of International Roast in the staff kitchen.

As I drove to work this morning the sky was low and steely, the wind it did bluster and as I thought to myself goodbye summer, we hardly knew you, a large classically shaped autumn leaf (plane tree? maple? liquidamber?) blew across my windscreen, right on cue.

In big-to-me news, I declared 2011 the Year of Getting Fit. I've been declaring this every year for about twelve years now but this time it's actually happening OMG. Before Christmas I downloaded the Couch to 5K program to my iPod and embarked on a nightly walking program, planning to start properly with the actual running part in the new year. I faced a setback when we returned from our holiday and I was still sick, but am in the swing of it now. No, I don't know me any more either. (Also, I may have shaken hands on something regarding a charity run in April. I work best to a deadline).

The unbloggable issues are not quite resolved but being managed in a positive temporary way and I surprised myself with the strength of my feelings on the matter. It's good to have one's convictions and beliefs challenged sometimes, and I have come out of this exercise with my passion more firmly embedded than ever. I [ironically] feel a blog post coming on - the beauty of Steiner education and its importance in the lives of my children. Or something.

Things I saw on my run tonight: a pretty sunset, a kangaroo, a giant cobweb stretched across the road, a blister. The husband is buying me a pair of decent running shoes for my birthday. (It looms). (I'd rather a macro lens for my camera, but hey ...)

I have typed the last three paragraphs with a cat on my lap, his head resting on my right arm. Behold the glory of my dedication to my blog and my soft spot for this cat.

Did I tell you our new cat is awesome? And that he's staying?

heart rock


Stomper Girl said...

Yay, he's staying! And he has a bell so you can here him coming and hide your knitting. Basil helps me with all my crafting, he is a total pest but in an adorable way if you know what I mean.

And also yuck! International Roast. Bleurgh. I'd rather queue, personally.

Janet said...

yay, he's STAYING! Tony is sitting on my desk as I type, edging my keyboard further and further to the wall. Cats!

Good on you for doing the running thing! I think I need to start a walking program (the thought of running for me is just too crazy).

Not long and we can talk about our cats and stuff! Whee!

Suse said...

Ok, I decree that each ensuing comment on this post must begin with:

"Yay, he's staying!"

Thank you.

Kathy said...

Yay, he's staying!

Was that right? Can I interest you in an extremely large, slightly evil but undoubtedly adorable and intelligent poodle? That would round out your menagerie nicely, yes?

Oh, and GO YOU with the running! Wow! That is so dang awesome. You and Kim both. Who knew a couple of years ago that we'd all be lacing up, eh? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US? It can't be getting OLD, obviously. Must be something else.

Thimbleanna said...

Giving the rug what for just moved the cat to the top of the awesome list in our house. Our family room quilts get what for on a daily basis. It's nice to know that cats in a different hemisphere have the same, um, ... feelings.

Have fun with the Couch program. When I started last year I could barely do the first little run. Not sure I could do the whole thing now, but I'm a lot closer!

Oh -- and that pink kitty collar -- I'm thinking both of our boy cats NEED one!

rachel said...

What do you mean "He's staying"? Did you think we thought he might not? And he's already formed an axis of evil with the dog; watch your back, is all I'm saying.....

Prism said...

Yay, he's staying! Thor (the girl kitty who received her name before her gender was fully discovered!) is helping me blog by sitting on my lap and gently biting me when I don't pet her to her satisfaction. Cat-Cat is sitting in the sun, and the WonderDog is laying right behind me. Odd, how we used to be a completely pet-free household.

I am considering exercising, but...you know (that would probably involve movement. sigh)

Here on the other side of the world we just got the first little hints that winter might actually loosen it's grip at some time. I really hope so.

Anne said...

Yay, he staying!....:)
More cat photos please.

I love Burmese cats. We looking at get one in the next year. I was waiting for my son Lou to be a bit older.

Have you checked out the blog

Lot of Crochet and her cat Raymond who has a little fan club.
My 3 year old love seeing his photo.

The Elephant's Child said...

Thank you. Loved your post. What is it about bloggers and cats. And writers more generally. Ours rule our house with paws of iron. Jazz is an evil genius but has a full throated purr which redeems him. (And not one but three bells because he is a killer). Jewel has her moments too. Snorting blood and bone is a good trick. Not.

Jolie said...

Yay he's staying!!! And he seems perfectly feline...I love me a cat wit ha bit of personality...makes it so much easier to tell them apart from the feather dusters! lol

Glad to hear some other things may be resolving as well...keen to read that potential blog post! :)

Mary said...

Yay, he's staying!

And I am doing C25k also (and started with walking first for a few weeks) but am strangely stuck on Week 1 day 3!

Another Outspoken Female said...

Yay, he's staying! Bitey Boy Rules :)

Another Outspoken Female said...

PS My favourite cat health book - very down to earth and practical. And the Victoria Roberts illustrations are wonderful.

"The Alternative Cat: Improve Your Cat's Health and Well Being with Natural Therapies and Practical Techniques"
Victoria Roberts (Illustrated by) and Ffiona Phillips

Stacey said...

I'm so pleased he's staying. He is just so beautiful and I bet he's already wormed his way into your hearts.
And Int Roast? Off.

The Coffee Lady said...

Is it the Couch to 5k podcast with Robert, who tells you EVERY SINGLE TIME that he's 43?

herhimnbryn said...

Having just come back online (no power for 2.5 days...storm damage and a somewhat hysterical hound...he does not like thunder, nor do I, now), I was cheered to read your newsy post. My thoughts are with you about your personal losses. It happened to me mid last year, so I know.

Please Soup lady can you give me more nfo about the Couch to 5kg thingy?

I too am doing well with the fitness stuff (1.5 km swum twice a week and walking with the hound). But I want to step it up a notch, so more info about (god help me )running would be good.

Ps now does anyone out there have suggestions for a good sports bra?

herhimnbryn said...





manda said...

i love your new cat...he looks just like ours...though ours is tiny... more like a burmese guinea pig hehe.....and ours is quite stuck up....she only has eyes for my son . and his bed. hmmmm....
you can cat talk with me when everyone else is sick of it :-)

fiveandtwo said...

Hahaha, oops, "Yay, he's staying!". The small fry loved the cat food sedition thing (so did I).

Taking on board the "don't think, just do" idea. I have enrolled to finish my first year TAFE Diploma subjects (in my third year, haha) and I have two sculptures to do this month. I've been thinking a lot, but not doing. Time to reverse this. After the Maker's Market...

I have started to run a bit when I do the daily dog walk. It started when I had to run past a particular house before their dog ran out and attacked mine (last year she had eight stitches in her shoulder from this dog's savagery, hence the running). Well, I kept running until I was puffed out. I've sort of kept the running up, and now I have a bit more stamina. A long way to go to full fitness though.

sueeeus said...

"Yay, he's staying!"

When did you start drinking coffee again, my dear?

I love the pink belled collar.

And as for running.... WOW. Good for you!!!!

zephyr said...

Yay! He's staying!!

So sorry for your losses...

And GOOD For You!! on the fitness thing. May my admiration translate to action on my part.

Sarah said...

I look forward to your post on Steiner Ed. I am a bit in mourning over it having ended for Helen. I am trying to decide how much of the changes in her are from growing up vs. not being at Waldorf. I need to write about it too.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Yeah , he stayed!! (Sorry , I'm a bit late in commenting) .
I'll cheer you on as you run past in a flash . Full of admiration for everyone who follows a programme of any sort , let alone one that includes a marathon .
As for the dearth of proper coffee in the staff room ..... you could become the weird lady who has her Special Mug and Special Filter and Special Supply Of Coffee . It wouldn't make you popular , of course , but you'd be too busy slurping a decent cup to care !

The Elephant's Child said...

Hi, I have awarded you a stylish blogger award which you can check out here http://myjustsostory.blogspot.com/2011/03/stylish-blogger-award.html

Any cat fan is a friend of mine.

Regina said...

Thanks for heads up and inspiration re couch to 5k. I love it except I couldn't stand the american accent so now I have a pommy one and the music is slightly better. I have always wanted to jog but just thought I was always to unfit. So thanks heaps for the tip.