26 March 2011


So, craft retreat. Feels soooo long ago due to the hefty doses of Life between then and now. Mmm, what shall I tell you? There was sun ...

magpie on blue

... rain ...

it rained


the sunset, she be golden

and gold.

silver lining

There were glimpses of autumn

a touch of autumn

where ever you looked


and roses everywhere.

apricot old fashioned

We sewed in the sunlight ...

sue irons in the sunlight

... beneath a rising moon,


and into the night.

roses at sunset

New skills were acquired,


Eleanor's most magnificent granny square

the irons were constantly in use,

caroline and the steam

and I laughed so hard I couldn't hold the camera steady.

blurry with a bit of mischievous on the side

I do love these women.

kate is busy

And these weekends away together.


For me, craft retreat is as much about the retreat as it is about the craft. One of my favourite moments this time was waking up with a start on the first morning at the rather late hour of 9 o'clock (it had been an early start on Friday morning at home with the alarm set for 5.00 am due to a breakfast meeting at work, only to be startled into consciousness at 4.00 am by my phone beeping in my ear (my phone is my alarm clock) with a text message from a friend with a sketchy understanding of time zones. Once we'd recovered from the adrenalin rush and realised no one had died I answered the mister's bleary query with Oh just my friend in America. She's knitting and thought of me. [...] Riiiight, he muttered).

But I digress. So I finally woke up on Saturday and realised the cottage was silent. I stumbled out, thinking everyone must've been over at the studio and had been probably for hours, only to find the sun streaming through the lounge room windows and four bodies variously and silently lounging about the couches and at the table, each engrossed in a book and clutching a hot drink. A mere one person was in the studio and two more were still in bed. Oh this is my tribe all right, I thought.

shadows and shoes

There are always many such moments at craft retreat with these wise, wonderful [and sometimes wacky] women.

through the looking glass

Through the looking glass, into a weekend wonderland.

Even more photos are here.


Kate said...

Your photos are divine.
It looks and sounds perfect.
I do hope that one day I'll get there.
I also hope your week to come is drama free and easy. X

herhimnbryn said...

Sounds like perfect heaven to me.

Melody said...


Janet said...

Your photos are so evocative, taking me back...

I like the retreat aspect too.

And hope that "life" is easier this week.

Carolyn said...

sounds WONDERFUL, dude. especially love that last shot.

zephyr said...

Every photo had me wanting to be there, too.

rachel said...

I love your retreat weekends too! How lucky you are.....

Eleanor said...

Love you too.

Sandra said...

It looks so wonderful. I am envious. Hmmm more than that, jealous. I think I will have to find something like it near me.

Mary said...

One day I will get there

The photos are all beautiful but the one where you captured the burst of steam from the iron is the one I love best!

peppermintpatcher said...

Your photos make me want to join in and play with you cool kids all the more.

Frogdancer said...

Yep... I was the one person in the studio...

Even at Sewjourn, I still can't manage to have a decent sleep-in.

Thanks so much for organising it... another brilliant weekend.

Hope the life stuff has settled down.

Ginger said...

They are gorgeous photos. It sounds like bliss to me :)

Thimbleanna said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time! Your photos are fantastic -- I especially LOVE the one shot from the porch (do you call it a veranda?) with a peek through the window!

Stomper Girl said...

Sorry, this is making me cry in a Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away type way. It was a lovely camp, thanks again for inviting me.

Martina said...

You take such amazing photos! I really want to go to your craft retreat too! Maybe I'll book a flight for the next one!

shady said...

Beautiful post, Suse. It looks like the perfect weekend away.

Lynn said...

Loverly photos, as always. What a great souvenir. xo

BabelBabe said...

ok, now I'm mortified :) But it sounds like a blissful weekend. as always, i love your pics. especialyl the rain one.

lyptis said...

Oh, your weekend sounds just wonderful!

That episode of your phone going off and the little ensuing exchange with your husband made me lol.

Great autumn photos too!

pomegranateandchintz said...

Suse your photos are exceptionally stunning - thank you for sharing them. Can't wait for our turn at Sewjourn......counting down the weeks! Meredithe

mytoesareblue said...

oh my goodness...this whole place and all the lovely people you met there sound fabulous. i just want to find one in canada and GO...i wonder if they have any. thanks for sharing that with us