1 June 2011

heralds of winter

The first day of winter means fires

wood pile

murky mists

29 May : the photo I take every winter morning

and new cardigans.

Tea Leaves cardigan

This is my second tea leaves cardigan. I was so thrilled with my red version that I immediately cast on a charcoal one. Same yarn, different colourway.

Tea Leaves cardigan

It is, of course, Ravelled. Here.

Tea Leaves cardigan

Vital statistics
Pattern :: Tea Leaves
Yarn :: Morris & Sons Woollahra 10ply/worsted
Colour :: Peppercorn
Needles :: 4mm and 4.5mm
Started :: February 2011
Finished :: May 2011

I'm off on craft camp this weekend where there will be more mist (probably), more fires (definitely) more knitting and sewing (absolutely), and more jocularity than you can poke a stick at. See you on the other side, my friends.


Tania said...

I think I like this cardi EVEN more. Poke a stick at some jocularity for me too, will you?

Kate said...

Beautiful cardi - love the texture of that yarn.

Stomper Girl said...

We saw steam coming off the swimming pool last night and this morning there was steam coming off the washing on the line. Cherub made dragon breath come out his nose.

*sigh* have a good camp, you and all that jocularity.

Penelope said...

Oh that really is a most divine Cardi, love the peppercorn colour too! Enjoy your time away, sounds like my kind of fun xox Penelope

Angel Jem said...

That is a cool cardy... and craft camp, that's for grown ups? Lucky lucky!

fiveandtwo said...

Love the cardi BUT love the wood even more. As a fellow wood burbner I lust after a neat pile of sawn and split wood. Sigh.

Suse said...

Ha Sue, so do I! That wood pile is the one at Sewjourn - tis Mal's beautiful handiwork. I took the photo to show the mister, to say see?! Wood should be split in manageable sized pieces and neatly stacked in a woodshed.

My mister believes wood should be chopped into the biggest possible pieces and thrown roughly into a pile in the driveway.


Think I'll have to buy a splitter at Bunnings this week and do it myself.

Ali said...

Your photos are especially swoon-worthy today. Almost enough for me to look forward to Autumn here.

Elizabeth said...

Peppercorn! I like it.
Re wood comment: My mister is anal about stacking the wood. Woe is the person who takes wood off the pile INCORRECTLY and messes it up. We all have our trials, don't we?

Sarah said...

sigh. I love that cardi. I am off to look up the pattern.

Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh. I SOOO love that cardigan. I think it may have to be my next winter knit (assuming I finish the four-year-sweater). Your photos are gorgeous. Have a super craft camp, you lucky duck!

The List Writer said...

Oh, you and your lovely tea leaves. I think I might love them even more than you do.

embracingitall said...

Your tea leaves cardi is gorgeous. I'm sure you will get plenty of wear out of it this winter, altough it has been nice to have some sunshine the last couple of days.
Craft weekend - BLISS. Enjoy. Jacinta

shadygrey said...

Another cardi! How can one person knit so much? I am beyond jealous.

Shammickite said...

I want to come to craft camp with you! Please? I promise to be good.

zephyr said...

Ohhh...another lovely!

"Jocularity! Jocularity!"

Fairlie said...

Lovely cardigan!

Winter has certainly hit Melbourne this year, hasn't it?

pomegranateandchintz said...

Gorgeous cardi. Boy, you knit quickly! Hope the weekend was great fun.

readersguide said...

A. I love that cardigan -- I've looked at it 5 times now. and B. I love that woodpile, too, and have the same problem you do. Except our is under a rainy shady tree so it never ever dries out. Perhaps I will fix that this summer. Happy midwinter!

Anonymous said...

This is one gorgeous sweater! I am not a clothes hound but this? I covet!