20 July 2011

further dissemination

of random materials. Or, I've run out of carefully themed posts.

after his immunisations

The dog was pricked and poked in the undignifieds the other day by the vet, rather than the cat as is per usual. Poor beast, seemingly everybody is against him. He has the Soulful Expression down pat as you can see, and when performed together with the All Over Body Quiver of Terror he has Son #2 wrapped around his little finger paw.

his tea

Son #3 is now a tea drinker. He asked me to record this for posterity.


Latest knitting. I'm trying to ignore its siren call while I finish the mister's birthday jumper, but it lies there all green and alluring, tempting me with its soothing garter stitch.

I recently discovered the wonder of podcasts (I know, I'm sooo cutting edge ...) and have been listening to them on my commute lately rather than audio books. I've found one or two I enjoy but would love to hear your recommendations. Any favourites or must-listens out there? (Continuing with bookish matters, I'm halfway through two fabulous books and just finished another equally enthralling one, and, I will be coming back here in a day or two with a review and a book giveaway so stand by. [I love saying that, it makes me feel all official]).

And in yet more exciting news, Susie from flower+press interviewed me yesterday as part of her regular Show and Tell series. You can read the interview here and leave a comment telling Susie how gorgeous her blog is. And buy some of her fabric (I can personally attest to its loveliness). Thanks so much Susie.


Sheep Rustler said...

My dog is half Pharoah Hound and I would absolutely love a greyhound. I so know that all-over-body-quiver!!!

m.e (Cathie) said...

i love that you are recording his tea drinking start!
look at that doggy face..how can you not go awww.
podcasts..I am soo behind the times, need to get gadgetized!!

happy wednesday to you, I'll pop over to Susie's and read your interview ♥

Lien said...

My favourite podcasts is "This American Life",- Chicago Public Radio, "Women's Hour" - BBC Radio, "Life matters" - Radio National and "Cast On" - Brenda Dayne, "More Hip than Hippie".

Susan said...

You have to try radiolab:

Laura said...

I second the radiolab recommendation.

flowerpress said...

Love that pointy face :-)
Yes, podcasts:
The Moth!!!!
People telling their stories, I just love it. Wish I could still access the older ones.
Richard Fiedler Conversations on ABC. Interviews with a range of people. Love Richard.
This American Life. And thanks again for being a Show & Teller x

Fiona said...

I also love that you have documented the beginning of a life of tea drinking. A milestone, for sure.

I was going to recommend Richard Fidler, but see that Susie has beaten me to it. So, I second Richard Fidler - love him and his conversation hours.

mrsfife said...

The History of Rome, if you're into that sort of thing. 12 Byzantine Emperors.

Rose Red said...

For knitting, I like Stash and Burn, and Cast On. I'm a bit slack on my podcast listening lately (usually do audiobooks instead) but these I've always enjoyed.

I've only ever heard good things about This American Life, although I've not yet tried it myself!

Annie said...

Oh, you have a pointy hound, how did I miss that. Aren't they the best! There are five whippet pointies here who graciously allow us to live in their house, and who occasionally allow me to knit without a lap full of one of them!

Sorry, I'm no help at all re. podcasts, it's audio books all the way here.

Tania said...

BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play. The Archers Omnibus (though I suspect you have to live in London for eight years sans TV to even come close to that sort of suspect addiction). BBC Radio 4 Stephen Fry anything. How about the Radio 4 Book at Bedtime? Damn it, I think you can even get the Shipping Report via podcast. (I may be wrong). Oh. And I almost forgot...I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. You guessed it, BBC Radio 4.

What the heck. Here's a link:


Knock yourself out.


Mel said...

Front row highlights is a great BBC podcast.
Also Desert island discs.

All my other faves are paleo related which i don't think will interest you.

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Oh my god. Download This American Life right away, and marvel at how your life will never be the same again.

The iPhone app is incredibly good too - ten years of archived shows free to listen over wifi.

I can't say enough good things about this show - start with the staff favourites on the website - some of the best shows are in there.....

I'm trying to knit and tea-drink my way through winter too - so far, so good!

Leah xxxx


bec said...

I have no idea about podcasts, I just wanted to comment on cute doggy, and funny 'kid of a blogger'- i took a photo of mine doing her first knitting yesterday, she said 'can you blog it, mum?"

Jessica said...

Adam and Joe's BBC 6music podcast cracks me up on the walk to work, I must look like a loon.

Fioleta said...

I really like CraftLit podcast (http://crafting-a-life.com/craftlit/); I tried few others, but didn't like them. I think I'll try some of the ones other commenters suggested.

That green looks gorgeous - I wonder what pattern you are knitting up.

The List Writer said...

Ooh, podcasts - I could witter on about these forever. Here you go.

From BBC Radio 4, all of these I love:
Play of the Week
Excess Baggage
From Our Own Correspondant
The Food Programme
Desert Island Discs (and the DID Archives are also available)
Saturday Live

And non BBC favourites are:
The Moth
This American Life

That'll keep you busy!

Julie said...

You are an 'early uptaker' compared to me. Lovely interview on flowerpress.

zephyr said...

Yes, RadioLab

i don't think anyone mentioned BBC 4'S Coast and Country...which i listen to at night, in bed with my eyes closed.

i'm also a big fan of David Attenborough's 10 minute "Life Stories"

The Moth Podcast is often fascinating. True stories told on stage

Leonard Lopate interviews are fascinating, too.

Jen said...

Aw! What a pretty boy! So far, none of the younger Sullivans have me in joined my Tall Red Eye habit.

WV is actually dirty word. That's never happened to me before.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That poor mistreated dog ! Such an eloquent little face .... my heart goes out it .( I'm not overdoing it , am I ? They're very sensitive ).
I'm nowhere near as High Tech as you , obviously and only do audio books ( The Audiobook site is brilliant and a monthly membership plan affordable and full of new books !) . But I will now try all these recommendations . Preferably not a la zephyr or I'd be asleep in seconds !

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Just had to come back and say The Moth is fabulous !
And that the audio book service I recommended is actually called Audible .

tut-tut said...

I do not own a pod of any stripe, so I cannot listen to any casts.

Kate said...

What sort of podcasts are you already enjoying? I have listened to many over the years, so give me a theme and I'll expound. I second Cast on, Stash and Burn and This American life and Radiolabs. Also, try Doubleknit. And maybe Craftlit?

I love the Itunes U - or if you're not in itunes, try UC berkely and you can listen to a bunch of lectures for freeeeeeee! I generally listen to ones I already know a bit about (mostly history) because that way it's both educational AND restful.

ABC radio national has some great stuff. At the moment I'm only listening to All in the Mind - my general podcast habits is to subscribe and unsubscribe as my life/interests change. I'll have a squiz at my itunes when I get home.

Is not the birthday jumper ALSO soothingly green? Hmm?

Isabelle said...

My daughter and I were just musing the other day about how you manage to be a mum of three, a student, a worker and still make lots of things. Either you're twins (I suspect the same of Thimbleanna) or Mr Pea must be Superpeaman.


Anyway, we worship you.

victoria said...

I love listening to The Bat Segundo podcast, all interviews with authors. (When there's no kids around, not 100% kid friendly, although yours are mostly older so what am I talking about..)

Gina said...

i enjoyed your blathering at flowerpress, Which of course I've only just read because I'm sooo last week! Also enjoying your blog heaps. Possibly because I think I have just fallen head-over-heals with yarn craft. Why, WHY did I resist for so long?! And why did it take me so long to start reading your blog? You are the shizzle in terms of yarn and hilarity.

What's the green thingy you've got going there? Fabulous colour.

PS so pleased to read that you are learning cello. Best. Instrument. EVER, Mine's in the shop, but I've played since I was, ahem, 4. Which is quite a while, really.

Fairlie said...

Oh my goodness....I've never really explored podcasts - other than occasionally when I've missed something I've really wanted to hear on Radio National. Now I feel I need to seek some out - you know, because I don't have a high enough TBR pile of books to get through, and have so much extra time to listen to podcasts!! (I wonder if I could read and listen at the same time? No?)

driftwood said...

hurray for the start of tea drinking, the next milestone comes when he makes a cup for you!

Susan Berger said...

Poor darling dog but they do try it on don't they? And he probably knows that you blog and thus his face goes far and wide.