24 September 2011

how many

bottles of red wine
knitting projects
blocks of chocolate
woolly hats
packets of marshmallows

unknown bulbs in my garden

does one pack for a week of camping?


blackbird said...

bottles of red wine - 7 to 14
knitting projects - 3
blocks of chocolate - 7 to 14
woolly hats - 1
books- 7 to 14
packets of marshmallows - 7 to 14
dogs - 1, I think
children - however many are about

Prism said...

As many of each as you can get your hands on!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

blackbird's got it about right , I'd say .
I'd add a gigantic amount of corn to make popcorn and a sketch pad , if I were off into the Unknown .

The Coffee Lady said...

This is all about ratios per number of people attending, surely.

driftwood said...

dont forget the corkscrew x

Annie said...

I'd say the more kids and dogs you take the fewer books and knitting projects you'll have time for and the more wine, chocolate and marshmallows you'll need :D

Shammickite said...

Annie has it right!

persiflage said...

Sounds like good hectic fun, however many of anything.
Those bulbs are sparaxis.

Lynn said...


(Have a grand time.)

Stomper Girl said...

Good job that you have a big car.

Thrifty Household said...

All are fine ingredients... enjoy!

fiveandtwo said...

Suffering from head spin from possibilities. Choice of two is bad enough for me.

MsCellania said...

As much and as many as will fit in your conveyance. Then add more and squeeeeeeeeze everything in.

We are doing autumn camping and it is The Best. But now I find I have poison ivy on my tummy and I don't know how I got it there...

Enjoy your Spring!

silverpebble said...

Not sure. First on the list is possibly most important though.

sewjourn said...

Have fun!