25 January 2012

and i chopped all my hair off

this year my youngest will begin high school

Nicholas Building
the lift at the Nicholas Building

this year my eldest shall finish high school

into the shimmery blue
big tall building

this year my middle child may get his L plates

last week's flowers

this year my eldest might get his P plates

at shadygrey's house

this year I shall finish my degree

green spiral

this year my middle child got his first part time job

golden dawn light

this year my parents will return to Victoria to live

Nicholas Building

this year will see some changes for our family too

eucalyptus leaf with blanket stitch

knitting will continue.

knitted headscarves (pattern: calorimetry) for friends


Elizabeth said...

Onward and upward.
And mysterious at the end (not the knitting of course)
I assume L &p plates have to do with driving?

Sue said...

We had a year a bit like that last year -one starting secondary school, one finishing. My eldest will be getting the L plates in July. P plates? are they for probationer? I think we have them here but they aren't compulsory.

Good luck with whatever is going to happen.

Annie said...

Doesn't it always, the knitting I mean ... I find it's a constant thread (if you'll pardon the pun) through life's ups and downs. This is intriguing knitting however ... leaves? a cushion? a woolly beach ball?!

Could luck with all those Ls, Ps and whatever letters that degree will bring :D

Fioleta said...

Best of luck to all of you with all the new things and lots of the enjoyment from the old comfortable loved pastimes and lots of good times with your parents. (and I hope you are much better at dealing with change than I ever will be)

Lynn said...

Whew, fasten your seatbelt (and not just when you're riding with the new drivers)! Hope the adventure is a fun one...

librarygirl said...

photo of chopped hair s'il vous plait? ( or may I address you as "TU"?)

Lynne said...

Oh, it sounds like an eventful but happy year. Hope your loving your new "do"!

shadygrey said...

Lot going on there my friend. Hope you'll find some chillin' time somewhere.
I wanna see your chopped hair too.
(nice mirror photo BTW)

jac said...

Yay for haircuts! Also for being driven around by your offspring! Actually, that might be more terrifying than exciting?

Shammickite said...

knitting is the constant.

The Elephant's Child said...

Heaps going on in your world. I hope the year is kind to you and yours.

duchess_declutter said...

Ever forward. This will be a good year. cheers Wendy

Shammickite said...

Happy Australia Day to you all!

Kate said...

Lots to... look forward to? I hope so. Certainly plenty of exciting events.

Business Research said...

awesome pictures.

Anonymous said...

Family changes for the better, I hope.
Children with P plates make me think about things that I have to consciously "push" to the back of my mind. One on "green Ps", one on "red Ps". Both have had the ever-so-common crashing into to the rear of a stopped car accident. Both are now much more careful since the insurance excess hit their hip pockets Very Hard.
The L plater may never get her licence, not enough hours. She wouldn't drive the Tarago, now we have a different car she isn't home enough for me to say, "OK, let's do some driving".
This year I have one at RMIT, one second-year apprentice, one in year 12 and two in grade 6. I'll be glad to see the end of primary school!
It's very good when the offspring can drive themselves to and from their p/t job.
Will you embark on some more study when you finish your degree? Textiles perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Trouble commenting as fiveandtwo. It's me, above.

Uli said...

Love the photos, especially the flowers in the first one.

That is definitely a big, and hopefully exciting, year ahead.

Stomper Girl said...

I shall send round 3 bricks for you to place on the heads of those boys stat. That is a big year.Yikes.

And thanks for the headbands again! Must sew on the buttons! x