14 November 2012


Essay time.

There's been an awful lot of paperwork going on at our place. A final essay for my penultimate university subject, now thankfully lodged. Due at 5.00pm the other night, I uploaded it at precisely 4.58pm.

Son #1 is in the middle of Year 12 exams. He had four last week, one today, and has two more on Friday and then he is finished with school for ever. For ever. I can't quite get my head around that.

Ready for the rest of his life

The last day at school was joyful but teary as the whole school celebrated and farewelled the class.


There are only about 40 or so of them, and they're a tight knit bunch. Some of them have been together since they were four years old; others like my lad joined the class for the high school part of the journey.

They decorated the school with yarn (they are good Steiner offspring, after all)


and sculpture.



They held hands and walked through all the classrooms, retracing their own journey through the school, visiting the younger children and receiving little gifts from each class.


Then they entered the assembly hall through a floral arch and were each crowned with a floral garland made by the Class 11s.

Speeches were made, tears were shed, a poem was recited and a song was sung.


Finally it was time for photographs and hugs, before setting off for swot vac, then exams, then the next chapter of their lives.

Edited to add: the history exam my lad sat today? Featured a giant robot, apparently. Read all about it here.


Sue said...

How lovely to walk through the school hand in hand retracing their journey. Nothing like that happens in my children's school. How old are they when they leave Suse? My younger son is in year 11 which is the final year and he will finish next June when he is 16. After that it is a sixth form college for 2 years before going on to higher education.

Tania said...



Ali said...

What a lovely way to mark the end of an educational journey.

blackbird said...

A big day.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Such a huge step ... and for you , too .
He looks as though he'll take it in his stride , though . I wish him every success with whatever he's going on to do , and may he enjoy every minute of it !

Amber said...

A beautiful ceremony. Public high schools hear have nothing similar, but it is inspiring.

librarygirl said...

Yes S sat the robot exam yesterday too! After this as well as the girl or boy controversy about the English exam photo I imagine someone's head will roll at Vtac.......

readersguide said...

He's beautiful! Congratulations!

Lynne said...

Congratulations to your son on his graduation. Small schools are wonderful -- there were only nineteen in my graduating year!

shadygrey said...

A beautiful summary of the day, Suse. Wasn't it wonderful? And I just loved the giant Russian revolution robot. Very steam punk...an alternative history exam?

Mary said...

Even though I had seen these photos before they still moved me.

Bring on the weekend and new adventures for your boy.

Kaviare said...

What a lovely way to close out a school career.

I hope the future is looking bright for both (all?) of you.

Kirti said...

HI Suse, I haven't visited since April (study induced blogging hiatus). Love all that knitting goodness. Gorgeous travel pics (so impressed by the High Line). Congratulations on the schooling milestone (both you and your lad.) - what a beautiful way for it to end. Sorry to hear about your pooch. That post moved me to a tribute to my sweet geriatric hound.
May the pointy end be rounding smoothly. x

Elizabeth said...

A little relaxing for you now?
That graduation process is a beautiful one. Sniff.
Best wishes, onward and upward for no.1 son!

herhimnbryn said...

You have a very handsome boy Soup Lady. I do likethe idea of the year 12 group walking through their school life.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

What a beautiful way to graduate. And the robot ... definitely a bonus!

Stomper Girl said...

A beautiful ritual to celebrate a beautiful tribe of kids. Makes me cry of course, but in a happy way.

anknel and burblets said...

Are you at the Steiner School?