8 January 2013

books of 2012

Early light

I just updated my reading list for 2012.  It's here if you're interested. (Or over there on the left sidebar,  under Not Just Cookbooks).

I like reading other peoples' lists of books and brief reviews. One of my favourites is Eric Idle's.  (I hadn't read this for a few months so when I popped over to grab the link for you I took a moment to read the last couple of months' book entries and chuckled to see his [far more erudite and witty] review of The Daylight Gate speaks of it as mercifully brief, just as I did. Not sure why it gives me a little thrill of validation when someone famous agrees with me but there you go. Me and Mr Idle, soul mates.  Do yourself a favour and read his blog while you're over there. It's worth it).

Aah, holidays. This is what January looks like. For another week anyway.

I suppose i ought to get up


Janet said...

A good reading year by the look of it. All the books you (and other blogger mates) read stay in my head until I remember at the opshop - I'm a year behind but have read many great books this way. Thank you!

I love that photo of you relaxing. t looks just how I feel January should be.

Kate said...

So many books I need to read after reading your comments - thanks for the reviews.

librarygirl said...

you have such good taste in books - I can say this because I've read many of them! just put a resie on "Wool" sounds great, thanks.

Julie said...

thanks for the list and reviews. Lots of ideas here.

Lynne said...

I haven't read many of the books on your list so thanks for giving me some new leads!

Are you undertaking your Jane Austen annual ritual with your last week?

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Which left ?

I love looking at other people's book lists and I know you'll have lots of dicoveries that I'll want to hunt out for myself . Thank Heaven for thrift shops and public libraries !

willowcaroline said...

Oh.. your January looks lovely - at least the next week of it!

Julie said...

I have to agree with your comments on Jean Plaidy. I love historical royal history too, and these are my favourite authors - Elizabeth Chadwick - especially her books on William Marshall and Sharon Kay Penman. A lot of research has gone into these and I have had many "bad mummy" days while engrossed in these.

Happy New Year