4 January 2013

into a new year

Christmas was quiet this time around. We spent it here instead of at my parents' place in Queensland as usual, and i have to say that while I missed the family thing, it was lovely to be just us, and to be quiet. I was still Christmas shopping on the 24th, and didn't get around to making the Christmas Pudding until the 23rd. I was finding it hard to muster up much enthusiasm for decorations or preparations, and more interested in having long naps. I think I had a nap every afternoon from the day I finished work until New Years Day. Plus some serious sleep ins. I must have had quite the sleep deficit to address.

Anyway the boys put up the tree and all the little traditions like the angel chain on the mantelpiece and the little santa hat on the black statuette and I put some carols on the stereo and started steaming the pudding and it all fell into place somehow.

Reflecting on 2012, i can see why i needed a few catch up naps. The year began with much upheaval and a few big Life Events which i don't think i shared fully here, but for a while there we were seriously househunting and there was stuff going on with my parents and it all kept coming and coming until i fell apart and we put a halt to it all. No moving. No selling. Nada. We stay for now.

It all coincided with things at work which resulted in me going fulltime and taking on a rather senior role that i didn't want but you know, career, looks good on the cv, good experience yada yada. I lasted six miserable months and then quit, leaving not just the job but the institution where i had worked for the past eleven years. And took on a similar role (but one notch down) at a university much closer to home. Less stress, far less commuting, nice people, ducks in the grounds, a job i can do and do well with confidence and pride. Still fulltime but i am hoping that in a year i might talk about moving to a four day week. Four days would be good.

Then there was the trip to the USA to attend my 30 year high school reunion and spend time with dear friends and my old host family from my exchange student days. With a week of fun and friends thrown in in New York City first. Wow, what an experience the whole thing was. I realise i still haven't shared lots of the photos from those travels.

Home in July to start the new job, and within a week the darling dog passed away from bone cancer. September brought surgery for Son#2, which thankfully was 100% successful and recovery was smooth, if protracted.

Since then it's been work work work for me (and the mister), the eldest completing his final school year and applying for university, and the middle child deciding that he will move schools for his final two years of schooling. That caused some private grieving as he has always been in the Steiner school system and his new school is very very different. We ae excited for him though, what with all the challenges and opportunities his new journey will bring.

And this new year of 2013? I wonder what it will bring. New beginnings for Sons #1 and 2. The final university subject for me and (hopefully) the completion of my degree (i should have been done by now but i took semester one off to get used to fulltime work). Luckily i get a few hours per week of study leave at the new job which will help. I'm moving away from the ancient Greeks for a change and taking another Shakespeare subject - good fun i hope and i'm looking forward to getting my teeth into that). More cello, more tap dancing. Some knitting and sewing. Plenty of good books. Friendship. Good health, i trust. Photography. A little blogging when i get the chance and find the inspiration.

Resolutions? Hmmm. Exercise more, be kinder, practise patience. Try harder to be a good person. Learn to let go with more grace. Some grace. Any grace. Be curious, brave and adventurous.


Happy new year to you and yours, wherever you are.



Sarah said...

What a big year for you! We are in such similar stages in life....aging parents...aging dog...college-bound kids...changing careers....mirror lives I tell you! I need to write up our year.

Lynne said...

I wish you much love, abundant joy, lots of laughs, good health, and plenty of time for the things you enjoy!

blackbird said...

Happy new year, sweet.
How extraordinary it was to be in your company last summer. I loved every second.

Elizabeth said...

Take care of yourself, dear Suse.
Hdrawwappy new year.

Tania said...

Geez, you're bloody excellent. May 2013 live up to that.

PS. Have also caught the cello bug. Was treated to a completely surprise and rather marvellous Christmas gift. Oh my. Squawwwwk. Squeeeeek. Etcetera.

tut-tut said...

Excellent resolutions; happy New Year, Suse.

Mel said...

What a big year you have had. Our son left an alternative independant school here in Melbourne after being there for the last 12 years. He changed just for Yr 12 and loved the experience. It was much harder for me, but the decision was his and turned out to be a great move for him.
So sad to hear about your Greyhound. My oldest whippet is 15 now, and looking a bit wobbly.
Hope your year is full of wonder and joy. Thanks for sharing part of your life with us.

flowerpress said...

What a year!
Life hey :-)
Loved reading about what you've been up to. I think your resolutions sound perfect. I might be stealing some.
Happy New Year1

herhimnbryn said...

Ye Gods Soup Lady, no wonder you need some extra sleep (and sleep is very healing after all).
Health and happiness to you and yours in this new year.

Janet said...

Wow, what a big year - no wonder you got to the end of it and wanted a nap.

Here's to 2013 being ace! Happy new year!

katiecrackernuts said...

Suse, It has been a big year and I am sorry to hear there have been a few bumps in the road. You seem to have come through it and found a little of what you need to make it all work.

Earthy Spice said...
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Earthy Spice said...
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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

You've done brilliantly to have got through it all in one piece !And as for your resolutions ? Easy Peasy ... You have always been brave , curious ( in the nicest possible way ) and adventurous !
Meanwhile , may this year be happy and slightly more peaceful than the last .

Jo said...

All the best for 2013 - hopefully a quieter year for you! We also have a child doing last year of high school this year, my step-daughter. Interesting times.

Suzanne Apps said...

Thanks for your great blog which I have visited every now and then for a long time. Like you, this year has had many challenges and dipping into my blogger community was a therapeutic tonic. After reading about your year I thought "gosh I wish she would share her thoughts on time management". Fondest regards

Megan said...

More grace can only be good. Hope this year is a less tumultuous one. xx

alice c said...

Yes - change and significant life events are better taken in small spoonfuls in my experience.

Wishing you time to find your feet this year...and then get slightly restless and start looking for new adventures!