30 March 2013

It was a Good Friday

Good Friday beach walk

Skipping stones


Spitting alpaca

Good to get out of town.

Good to walk on near-empty beaches.

Not so good to be spat on by a grumpy alpaca called Alice.


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Oh my, that beach! Love that you've named and shamed the alpaca ;)

Happy Easter Suse :D

Lynne said...

Happy Easter. We are spending ours preparing DD's home for moving up the coast, and for the house to go on the rental market!

The Coffee Lady said...

Better than an alpaca who hadn't even introduced herself.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Llamas and camels are possibly all better admired from afar !
What a gorgeous beach , a great chance to stretch .

Stomper Girl said...

Now I have that Alice the Camel song in my head, except I'm thinking Alice the Llama, had one spit.

Ali said...

Maybe it was a sign of undying Alpaca esteem? Hard to see the positives in spit.

Isabelle said...

Maybe she doesn't like getting her photo taken.