25 September 2013

five things


1. Spring is well and truly here. We have ordered what is likely to be our final wood delivery for the year, the eucalypts are flowering all around us, much to the delight of the parrots and rosellas, and i have enjoyed three lunchtimes in a row spent outdoors with my knitting and the latest BBC Radio 4 podcasts.

gabby dress/tunic in Anna Maria Horner voile

2. I went to craft camp and made several tops, a dress and most of a skirt before i succumbed to a horrible flu-like thing doing the rounds. Apart from illness and the dire outcome of the federal election on the Saturday night (welcome to a brave new world of mean and petty policies regarding our most vulnerable citizens and would-be citizens, and a winding back to the misogyny of the 1950s, not to mention a complete lack of regard for science, research and higher education). But i digress ... despite these unpleasantnesses, craft camp was a wonderful respite from day to day worries and demands. I highly recommend going away on a regular basis with a group of like-minded souls to knit, natter, sew, cook and eat together. You should do it.

A spot of yarn dyeing on a sunny Spring Sunday

3. In a fit of enthusiasm i skeined up and dyed three skeins of sock yarn. I see a Colour Affection shawl in my future. In Spring-like pink.

1978 diary

4. I had three days off work with the horrible flu thing. For the first two days all i could do was take to my bed and groan pathetically, but on the third day i was up and about for short bursts and in a fit of Spring cleaning, found my 1978 diary at the top of my wardrobe. This entry from my 14 year old world-weary self amuses me.


(Gratuitous shot of Yuki being enigmatic)

5. Did i mention it's Spring?

Spring posy


Julie said...

Heartily concur on the politics front. Luckily for me, though, we are West Aussies currently living in Germany, so I can ignore it, pretend it's not happening, and maybe it will all go way before we return.

kgirl said...

definite shift of season, it's been lovely. Nice just to be able to enjoy the sun and some spring air, isn't it?

Mousy Brown said...

Flu thing is making the rounds here too...but we don't have spring sunshine to scare it away, I did lie listening to Radio 4 podcasts though...
Love the dyed yarn, I just started a colour affection in green, bet you finish yours first! :D

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

How well one can do nothing when one's fourteen !
Flu-thing is stalking Amsterdam , too ,and I do hope it stays there .Youngest Daughter sounded very pale , on the phone .
I'm very taken with the thought of pink socks ... looking forward to seeing them .

kt said...

Oooh, kitty!

And those fleurs!

Hope you are on the mend.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Doing nothing was so much easier in one's teens ... one had the time!

Hope you're feeling better now x

Shammickite said...

I have an old bashed in watering can exactly like that!