11 November 2013

11 nov

5.55pm. Coles supermarket carpark.

When i'm stressed i don't sleep properly. The next three weeks are crazy-busy, starting today, so naturally last night i was awake all.night.long.

Tonight there was a function at work so i had to stay late, but the payoff was a superb dinner. And people saying nice things which was another payoff. I had my hair cut at lunchtime. Fresh! New! Revitalising!

Now i'm home snuggled up by the fire and the high heels (it was a posh function) are OFF. Time to put the kettle on and unwind.

Then sleep.

PS. All four of my menfolk not only noticed the new haircut but each one said it looks good. They're growing up.

PPS. This morning when rummaging in my jewellery box for a necklace (the function! the pressure!) i found a necklace that i only vaguely remember receiving and absolutely no memory of who gave it to me. (If it was you, i unreservedly apologise. I love this necklace!). It's a single strand of teeny weeny beach glass stones, dozens and dozens of them. Aqua, eau-de-nil and celadon are my new favourite colours, together with my longtime alltime fave, duck egg blue. So it's perfect; thank you whoever you are, mystery giftgiver.


Amy at love made my home said...

Glad you had a good time at your function, and that your new haircut was noticed and complimented on! Hope that you find some time for yourself during your busy upcoming weeks.

blackbird said...

It must have been me, don't you think?
I want it to be me.

kgirl said...

bless your men for noticing your new 'do ;) Your found necklace sounds lovely, I think it needs a blogpost so we can see it!