20 November 2013

20 nov

Got any snacks for us please?

We had a brief bout of good weather recently and the ducks enjoyed having people outside at lunch time once again. I sat with my knitting which they were interested in but when they realised i had no crumbs they soon took off.

Spring green

In other adorable wildlife news, it's Spring which means baby bunnies in my garden. So unbearably sweet for feral vermin. A family with four babies lives under the shed and the wee ones leap about on the lawn every morning, much to the cat's frustration. This morning one of the babies was dead under the swing and i sent Son #2 to despatch it. He returned looking a little green around the gills and declared i now owe him bigtime.

Have you seen the How to Look like Batman Using Your Cat instructions?

Here, in case you need to catch up.

We tried it at home.


The cat was not enthusiastic about participating.

EDITED: link now fixed!


Stomper Girl said...

But the son was!

shadygrey said...

Oh no, linky no worky Suse! I love the pic of your unimpressed cat though. Cats really do unimpressed well, don't they?
Also, it's taken me FOUR attempts to do the word verifiction. Now I'm starting to think maybe I am a robot...

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

So much for lolling on my sofa ....I'm now going to have to nip outside and borrow next door's cat for a minute .

kt said...

That is FAAABulous.