23 November 2013

23 nov

Ginkgo leaf rust progress. Day 5.

Rust progress, Day 5.

I bought those ginkgo leaves from the school Spring Fair last weekend, from a young woman who told me they were made by her dad. They reminded me of the magnificent ginkgo mandala at the school's art show last year which i lusted after, and which i later found my lovely friend bought for her garden. You can see it in all its glory here. Shady (said friend with the glorious garden) commented the other day that the same artist is doing more for the art show next year and the thought began to develop that hey i have a significant birthday next year, conveniently in the same month that the art show is always held. Mmm yes, a fitting birthday present to celebrate a half century, non?

I mentioned it to the mister once or thrice (he countered by saying he'd been thinking of a Burmese kitten, omg decisions decisions!) and anyway so this morning i went to the website of said local famous artist and all of a sudden my three little ginkgo leaves looked startlingly familiar.

Yes, his daughter sells the little cut outs from her dad's enormous and spectacular sculptures for $1 each (the sculptures are considerably more) and so without even knowing it, i am the proud owner of Rudi Jass artwork, quietly rusting away outside on my picnic table.

You can see the real deal here at Rudi Jass design and spot the sculpture from which my little leaves were cut.


flowerpress said...

So quick, I love them, and they have turned the perfect colour!
That website is dangerous though, lots of beautiful pieces!

Stomper Girl said...

Eee, a kitten! Maybe the boys could give you the kitty and the Mister the sculpture, it IS a significant birthday after all.

Ali said...

Oh your rusty leaves are the most beautifully perfect little treat. But a big piece for a big birthday sounds very fitting.

Though I see the temptation of a kitten - perhaps you need it now, so it is all settled in before the festivities of milestone birthday celebrations commence :)

Frances said...

The ginkos are developing their evolving beauty so well! Your photo surely shows them to full advantage.

It's great that you discovered a way to have these lovely leaves while still leaving that birthday door open to a kitten.

Best wishes!

shadygrey said...

It's all just too intertwined, Suse, the stars have decreed that you are to have a gingko mandala. You can't argue with destiny. xx

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I don't see why the stars shouldn't decree the mandala AND the kitten !
Meanwhile , the leaf transformation is fascinating . Lovely to watch ...

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I am madly coveting your ginkgo leaves ... these are just too wonderful.

Elizabeth said...

I think I may have favourited this on flickr, nice to know the story behind the photo- so beautiful!