27 November 2013

27 nov

Blue Green

The Lane.




Snippets from the week. I know, it looks like i spend all my time in bars or photographing trees, but in fact this week is insanely busy. I've been working until 7pm most nights, coming home and crashing into bed and doing the whole thing the next day, usually without even a lunch break. Tomorrow will be an even later finish so i thought i'd pop in here tonight to share some pics. I've failed miserably at posting every day in November but i have enjoyed exercising the bloggy muscle a bit and keeping my hand in.

I have some quilt blocks to show you soon. In the midst of the work craziness i made a point of spending some quality time with pretty fabrics and my sewing machine on the weekend and not knowing quite when to stop. It's addictive.

Also. Tonight as i collapsed on the couch i noticed the mister was sporting a bandage. Actually, not a bandage but MASKING TAPE. I raised my eyebrows in what i hoped was a sympathetic and caring manner and he informed me that he broke his finger. Last Saturday.

Bad wife no notice.


Stomper Girl said...

That is taking stoicism to impressive levels, not whining to your wife about your poor sore broken finger

Amy at love made my home said...

Oh no, Suse, there is no way that I could break a glass without my hubby knowing, why didn't he tell you!! You have done pretty well with the blogging through November, so don't beat yourself up about not doing it every day. xx

Anonymous said...

The face above "the lane" I love seeing it popping up all over our area. Not that I condone graffiti, of course, but it is a very cute face! Siobhan