9 November 2013

9 nov

The two things i always think every Friday night as i lug my cello up 22 steps and wrestle it into the car and then out again at the other end are:

1. Why did i not choose to learn the piccolo; and

2. Oops, forgot to cut the nails on my left hand again.

Goats milk and olive oil soap

I cut the soap today. This is the batch of olive oil and goats milk. Yum.


Amy at love made my home said...

I've often wondered if people who play great big musical instruments wondered if they should have chosen something smaller or lighter to carry around. Now I know that they sometimes do!

Adele said...

Ha Ha! I'm loving my daily fix of pea soup, and my fav blog is "back"! I have often thought I should have pointed out the virtues of the flute, as I help my teenage boy wrestle "Florence", his double bass into our toyota echo!

Stomper Girl said...

Maybe you could buy a spare pair of nail scissors that live in your car's glovebox?

Frances said...

Ahh, what a funny lady you are! On the traveling instrument front, today as I made my way through the NYC subway system, I shared a car with a tall man with a very large, shiny red instrument case. I think it might have held a cello.

When we both rose from our plastic seats at the same station stop, I allowed him to exit before me. Life might be tricky enough for him without having that shiny red case crushed by rapidly closing subway car double doors.

We did both exit safely.

Bravo to all musicians and all that allows them to make beautiful music. xo

katiecrackernuts said...

The soap looks lovely. And, I am enjoying these daily updates. Keep 'em coming.

Jodi said...

Great combo for the soap! I often wish I had learned to play the cello.

kgirl said...

ooh, that soap would be scrumptious, I bet!

Cello is such a beautiful instrument, very worth the effort I'm sure.