2 November 2013

nov 1

Poor little neglected blog, i should really get rid of her before the spambots take over, but i can never quite bring myself to.

I'm going to try and blog every day in November to see whether i still have it in me. To start with, here are twenty-four adorable little traffic hazards at work yesterday. Yes, it's duckling season and the campus roads are full of wildly swerving buses and scooters as ducks everywhere waddle their way to their particular favourite pond or lake seemingly without a care for their own personal safety. I suppose they know they have right of way.

24 adorable little traffic hazards at work this morning

Knitting update: two thirds of the way through a blue cardigan for the mister, half way through a stripey shawl for me, just started a lacy shawl for my bestie's 50th birthday.

Reading update: Halfway through Jasper Jones by Craig Silver (recommended), recently finished Foal's Bread by Gillian Mears (oh yes, very good) and thinking about starting Philippa Gregory's The White Princess.

I'm typing this on the iPad and the new IOS7 doesn't work terribly well with blogger. I can't edit properly. Apologies.

See you tomorrow. That's the plan, anyway. Let's see.


Felicity said...

I've been wondering about the natural life of a blog and whether mine has come to its end. Like you I can't quite come out at pulling the plug entirely but am quite without inspiration and the thought of post is an irritating chore that I can't be bothered with.
So ennui all round! Such apathy means I can't even be arsed to kill it.

Carin@Ullhärvan said...

Please don't get rid of her because it's a joy when there's something to read from you!

Anne said...

Welcome back :)
I enjoy reading your blog too! :)

Tania said...
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Tania said...

HOLY HECK! That was me with the deleted bizzo. Sadly, I am so out of bloggery practise even my commentary is coming out all wrong-like.

Here's another go:
Think it very excellent you are terrible at plug pulling. Shall be haunting here DAILY. xx

KnittingMonkey said...

We get the duck families crossing at work - they do think they have right of way and I cringe as I pass and hope other drivers see them and make way - so cute waddling around.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Dutch ducklings seem to learn the Highway code before hatching ... I wish I could say the same of the local hedgehogs .

Fairlie said...

Oh yes, you do still have it in you.

Looking forward to a month of Suse-musings.