3 November 2013

nov 3

I got that wrong yesterday, didn't i? I thought it was the first of the month not the second, which goes some way to explain my general state of mind and discombobulation these days. I am eating a mince pie as i type this ... Crumbs on the iPad ... And that's just wrong. I would dnit have purchased them before 1 December but the mister did the grocery shopping this weekend and he's a fan. He buys hot cross vuns in January too.

Those typos are bugging me but as i said yesterday, i can't edit. And my computer is currently showing a very important soccer match so i can't use that. Soccer is more important than end of year exams and essays, apparently.

There are seven magpies playing on the trampoline. At least they use it. Two are drinking from the birdbath (which is a grand name for a terracotta dish of water plonked on the lawn) right outside the window but if i look at them or attempt to take a photo they go all shy. Lately there's been a teeny tiny blue fairy wren who darts out from the cistus bush to take a quick bath when he thinks no one's around. He is as breathtakingly beautiful to see as the magpies are to hear (when they're singing, that is, not when they're fighting each other on the trampoline).

I have nothing else to say and it's only day 2 (or 3). It doesn't bode well for the future of the blog really does it?

Oh yes i do! In stage-mother news, Son #1 the budding sports journalist had his first byline last month, and is about to have his second article published. It felt like that scene in The Breakfast Club, or maybe it was St Elmo's Fire, when the journalist boy slaps the newspaper onto the windscreen of the car the girl, you know the one, the redhead who kater had sixteen candles and a teen pregnancy and now writes books and sings jazz, is sitting in and she sees his byline and squeals in delight. It was just like that. Although it might have been the dark haired girl. What happened to her i wonder?

Oh what has this blog become? Here, have a look at an example of rural New South Welsh yarn bombing.

yarn bombing

Back tomorrow. Bet you can't wait.


librarygirl said...

omg St Elmo's Fire: not Molly but Ally someone and ANDREW MC CARTHY my 80s pin-up boy. Hey, Suse, just keep doing stream of conciousness posts! keep em coming xx

Suse said...

Ally Sheedy! I have just put both those films on hold at the library. Gotta educate the teenagers in 80s films.

Stomper Girl said...

I was pretty sure Molly Ringwald wasn't in St Elmo's Fire!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Delighted to hear of Son #1's success ! Due , in no small part , to a plentiful supply of hot cross vuns and Pea Soup as he was growing up , I expect .

Amy at love made my home said...

Just keep going Suse it will come! I know what you mean about the spelling, it is amazing what predictive text wants you to say sometimes! Love the yarn bombing. xx

flowerpress said...

Hah, I'm impressed you haven't given up despite missing day 1 ;-)
That would have thrown me.
Love seeing your posts in my reader, press on! I've been fighting blog brain too, but once you start again it does get easier.