12 December 2013

quilting is fun

Last pink block I think.

Flushed with the success of the pink and grey quilt blocks (the purple, not so much), i kept going and made four extra pink blocks. Mostly because it was addictive and i couldn't stop, and partly because we received the delightful news that friends of ours had just had their third baby girl.

I dug out my favourite quilting book, sent to me by the lovely and gracious Jane,


... created an inspiration board ...

... and made a quilt top.

Baby girl quilt top done.

I was particularly inspired by this one and this one.

And now i am hand quilting the quilt and loving it. Whoohoo new addiction.

hand quilting


Kate said...


Frances said...

Wow! I agree with you that Jane Brocket is very inspiring. Might I also say that I find your very own posts inspiring, too.


Julie said...

A very special present - especially with the hand quilting. I really like your inspiration board too, lots of very gorgeous things on there.

The Coffee Lady said...

You are a very clever lady. I cannot handquilt to save my life.