13 January 2014

Coconut ice

This was my final knitted item for 2013, the Colour Affection shawl. I am so very pleased with it. The pattern had been in my queue for ages but i had no firm plans or colourway decided upon when one sunny Spring Sunday i spontaneously dyed up three skeins of sock yarn in tones of strawberry and cream and realised i had my shawl beginnings.

I worked on it occasionally at home, at craft camp, and then took it to work for lunchtime knitting and Thursday lunch craft group sessions.

I cast off a day or two before Christmas, blocked it on Christmas day itself, and took some photos of it on Boxing Day. I haven't done my usual photo mosaic of knits of the year (a lot of things have fallen by the wayside lately including Christmas cards) but if i do i suspect it will be mostly shawls again. It was the year of the shawl all over again.

I did update my 2013 book/reading log though, which can be found over there on the left sidebar, on the link called Not Just Cookbooks (lame attempt at a pun).

Anyway the shawl. Yes. Thrilled with it. Wish it wasn't currently 40C so i could wear it, but hey.

Ravelled, with more photos.


Janet said...

It will be shawl weather again soon enough I hope. It's beautiful, I love the way the stripes run into each other.

Elizabeth said...

So pretty!
40 degrees, wow. I'll take it.

Amy at love made my home said...

Your shawl is beautiful! I love the way the stripes and colours blend and mix. You are right, just like coconut ice!! I bet that you wish it could cool you like ice! xx

Lynne said...

Very pretty in that colour way. Is it a Stephen West design?

blackbird said...

It's nice and cool here and I get compliments every day on my shawl(s)!

Stomper Girl said...

So pretty. Maybe you could wear it when the fool change blows through on Saturday. I am focussing my attention on Saturday and trying to ignore the foulness happening before then.

librarygirl said...

Just beautiful, so ice-creamy!

librarygirl said...

Also, you are my reading twin, lady, I read so many on your list and will make note of some others.
Glad I didn't read the other Hugh Howey books, after Wool, which was great wasn't it?

Niki Thomas said...

Love the shawl, so pretty.
I just wanted to thank you so much for the baby veggie hat pattern you posted yonks ago, 2007 in fact!
Been knitting six months and feel quite chuffed to have made this sweet hat, first time using two colours, yay! Your instructions were so clear.
Love your writing too.
The banter on your pinterest boards is hilarious.
of course, just had to pin my hat!
Many thanks again, Niki

Niki Thomas said...


forgot to leave link to my knit board, Niki

Jo Windmill said...

MMM, yum yum, coconut ice. Looks delicious!