18 January 2014

hot hot hot

Horrendous heat. We've just had five days of over 40C, in a row. The birds were so thirsty that when i refilled their bath yesterday, two flew down to drink while i was still pouring. This is pretty astounding when you consider they usually fly away from the birdbath if i so much as walk past the window. You know, inside my house.

The cat enjoyed licking ice cubes and suffering the indignity of a pink wet flannel.

We spent several days hiding out at air conditioned shopping malls watching movies and eating and trying not to spend too much money. Unfortunately i am not immune to the manipulations of bourgeois home decor retailers and ended up buying a pretty tin to put laundry powder in.

I know. If my 19 year old self could see me now.

We also did a full on evacuation (photo not related, but possibly indicative of my mental state) when the nearby bushfire headed our way. This means packing up supplies and stuffing the cat into a picnic basket and retreating to the local public library, as opposed to just clearing out for the day. Librarians turn a blind eye to pets. Shopping centres possibly do not. The people next to us were having a harder time trying to pretend their dog was not actually a dog, whereas we just looked innocent when our picnic basket moved and miaowed and the other patrons (many of whom had bags of supplies next to them too) and the librarians either grinned or looked the other way.

Coasters for my cousin. A new years gift as i failed pretty miserably at handmade for Christmas. Just got a text from her this morning saying they'd arrived and she loves them. Success. I might make a few sets now for future gifts.

The cool change came in last night and it is such a blessing to feel a refreshing breeze in the house. I opened a cupboard this morning to get a cup for my morning cup of tea and all the crockery was hot. Even the toothpaste was hot. Ok i'll shut up witht he complaints now.


Janet said...

I still feel traumatised by the heat. We have been talking about how to make our house better in hot weather. Am no longer opposed to air conditioning!

let's hope this cool spell lasts.

shadygrey said...

hahaha I bought the same laundry powder container! Delusions of being organised and Martha Stewart like. Actually, its pretty good, no more powder spilt all over the laundry floor.
By day 5 of the heat wave I was reduced to lying on the floor of the office and whimpering. And my garden is toast.

Anna said...

Crickey the heat sounds unbearable I hope it cools down for you soon! I have to saw though, seeing your cat wearing a pink flannel is a cute treat!

Anna said...

Crickey the heat sounds unbearable I hope it cools down for you soon! I have to saw though, seeing your cat wearing a pink flannel is a cute treat!

driftwood said...

it sounds horrendous, and having to leave your home must be terrifying. hoping that cool wind has lasted and things are a little easier now x

Stomper Girl said...

At my house and at my sister's house I had some cooking chocolate in the cupboards. Let's just say the choc chips are no longer separate entities. I followed your lead and put a wet flannel on Basil, he acted like he was being oppressed.

Elizabeth said...

Never had hot toothpaste before, wow that is hot. Our homes here are well insulated from the heat and cold, since we get extremes of both. What about that mud brick? Does it hold the heat or insulate any different than a stick house?

blackbird said...

You'd scream in horror if you saw my laundry powder in situ. It's worse than my garden.
Blah blah blah, I said to K. They are complaining about the heat in Australia...and it spontaneously combusts in Australia. They ought to feel 104 in NYC! Said I.
Oh, the SMELL.
Glad it's broken, the heat.


Meghan said...

During the day it will be 18 degrees F in my world next week and I won't complain. I find the heat awful anymore.
In the summer we melt when it hits 90. I hope you stay cool and safe.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Do hope it's cooled down a little by now and you're all more comfortable . The very thought of hot toothpaste is gruesome .
P.S. Dog's disguise ? Baby bonnet and bib ?

Kaviare said...

I put my laundry powder in a glass jar about a year ago and it bring me a disproportionate amount of joy. Pretty sure my 19 year old self would be appalled but resigned, but my 16 year old self would be SHOCKED.

I wish we could invent time travel, I'd like to send all of last week's warm furniture six months into the future to keep me warm in winter. I think my bed and couch had a core temperature of 30 degrees at LEAST. It's cooled down, now, although it's still hotter inside than out. At least it's bearable.

Have been obsessively watching the CFS and CFA apps. Am glad your fire has been declared safe.

Tracee Dawn said...

if you could send some heat my way I would be ever so pleased. -20 is not a good time:)