16 April 2014

When you're onto a good thing ...

I got my sewing mojo back bigtime. In addition to the plethora of quilts (which i still haven't showed you, i know), i've been having a lovely time choosing pretty fabrics and churning out multiple versions of the same couple of basic patterns. (So when i say i have my sewing mojo back, i don't mean i'm doing anything challenging, just aesthetically pleasing. Lazy, that's me).

This is the Port Elizabeth top. It is two pieces (front, back) and a strip of bias binding. Hooray for mindless sewing with stylish and highly useful results. I've been wearing these with jeans or skirts on the weekends and with my work skirts midweek. I even extended one of them into tunic length (the Duchess of Cambridge homage on the far right).

Best of all, it's a freebie on the Burdastyle website, here.

Thanks to my awesome work colleague Kate for the heads up on the pattern.

Edited to add fabric details. From left: Prints Charming heavy cotton, from Spotlight; blue crisp cotton (i think it's a quilting cotton); blue lightweight cotton perhaps a voile, i remember the name of the print was Sweetpea; navy blue linen; pale peachy pink linen made from a skirt i never wore (because it was see-through); black linen (very useful, i wear this one most); lightweight voile, very cool and good for hot hot hot days (seen modelled in the shot in a previous post where i am holding the brand new kitten); a pale blue spotty voile from Spotlight, extended to dress/tunic length, worn often over a short straight skirt to work, avec pearls because i am old.


Amy at love made my home said...

Lovely, especially the one on the far left! Glad that you got your mojo back, it looks as though you are having great results. x x

kgirlknits said...

Perfect pattern for getting the mojo back! Free is a bonus, for sure. I love the blue one, second from the left

Elizabeth said...

Ah, I was looking for a basic pattern like this for an experiment top (I've discovered recently all my patterns are still in storage) so thank you, thank you.
I love the end two especially.
Would it be possible to see some modeled? :)

pandchintz said...

Love them Suz, they look great - practical, comfortable and pretty!

The Coffee Lady said...

Oh, you shame me with your multiple toppage.