4 June 2014

aubergine cladonia

Aubergine cladonia.

This is my third time knitting this pattern and it gave me the most grief - i think i frogged the lace border three times before nailing it.

It also took a long time to knit because i took most of the summer off from knitting due to hurty wrists. As a result, this 50th birthday gift is six months overdue oops. I think-hope the recipient likes it though and she's my best friend so forgives my lack of punctuality.

Cladonia detail.

Technical details :: knitted with undyed sock yarn (160 grams of the stuff) and dyed by me with Landscape dyes.

Ravelled here!


silverpebble said...

I am almost without words.
I am experiencing embarrassing levels of envy.
I am flabbergasted at the exquisite colour you've achieved - with what? An aubergine?
The lace. Oh for flip's sake, the lace.
Awe and wonder Suse xx

Sue said...

Now I've got over my disappointment at not finding a new way of cooking aubergines I also am flabbergasted and both the colour and the lace.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow. It's beautiful Suse!

driftwood said...

sigh. I hope someone knits one of those for me when I am 50

Frances said...

Oh, it's a delicious color, and is knitted beautifully, this shawl. It was fun to hop over to the Ravelry site to see other colorways chosen by other knitters.

Yours is the most luscious, no question. Bravo to you for finding a way to bring this color to life. Additional bravo for your patience in sorting out that delicate lacy edging.

Bet the birthday girl is thrilled.


Stomper Girl said...

Worth the wait, I'd say.

kgirlknits said...

Such a beautiful colour - great dye job :-)

kt said...

Oooooh, purty.

*gapes in envy*

Lori said...

GOSH that is breathtaking! The color is stunning, and the lace is just beautiful. What a lucky friend.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I am so behind with everyone's posts, and I've been hopeless at commenting lately, but this gorgeous thing can't be allowed to pass by without a groan of envy from me ... lucky friend is all I can say, and I'm sure she thinks it was well worth the wait

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