24 June 2014

Winter solstice

Freeeezing here!

Gale force winds, icy temperatures and i just saw online somewhere that the Yarra has burst its banks in the city and Southbank is flooded. Trees down everywhere too.

We've had both fires roaring, the fake one ...

Winter solstice

and the real one.

Betsy decides fire is good after all. #catsofinstagram #burmese

The cats are doing a lot of this.

Burmese squared #catsofinstagram #burmese

I love you soooo much #catsofinstagram #burmese

But! In between icy blasts on the weekend the mister and i went for a walk to the end of our road to one of the best local swimming holes,

Sunday walk to Laughing Waters waterhole

and picked wild jonquils (pretty pretty weeds) which means Spring will come eventually, right? To continue with the yellow home decor and accessories i also made lemon curd. Sunshine in a jar.

Lemon curd oh yum

In other news, the mister had both a physio and a doctor tell him he needs a knee reconstruction so he dutifully went off to see an orthopaedic surgeon who told him not to bother (i think "at your age" may have been implied but not uttered aloud) but to get an exercise bike to strengthen the leg muscles which will support his poor wrecked knee. (He also said YOU WILL NEVER I REPEAT NEVER PLAY SOCCER AGAIN which made the mister a bit sad). Anyway so as the internet person in this marriage, i was charged with finding a suitable exercise bike on ebay, which is a place i tend to stay away from, for obvious reasons. All of this is a longwinded way of saying that hooboy ebay is fun and oh the 1960s kidney-shaped coffee tables and Ercol armchairs that i am now lusting over, and oops somehow i managed to also snag myself my very own wooden cantilevered vintage sewing accessory, otherwise known in Craft Camp circles as a Lady Sewing Box, or just, a LadyBox. Behold.

Lady Sewing Box.

How beautiful is she? I have had a lovely time organising all my sewing notions and important bits and needless to say with the LadyBox at my side i am now a master seamstress.*

* May not be true.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

In the olden days , she quavers , one was allowed to grow old gracefully , with rocking chairs and shortbread .
Now it seems to involve rowing machines , sweat bands and overpriced plastic bottles of water. The irritating thing is that they're right . All this infernal excercise does help .

Love your sewing box !

silverpebble said...

Those little narcissi grow WILD there? Heavens. They're beautiful. I never cease to marvel at the whole 'reading blogs written by friends on the other side of the world' thing. Midsummer here, as you know. I am going to sit an think about that for a few minutes.

Oh and have been thinking about shawls too....

Gorgeous Ladybox x

Elizabeth said...

That photo of your swimming hole is Just.Not.Winter.
It is not. I can show you winter, Sadly, it will be here all too soon and folks around here are still talking about that last epic one, still shell shocked.
Love your sewing box.

Stomper Girl said...

And for your next photo, maybe a shot of your wondrously well organised sewing case interior, full of impeccably laid out sewing stuff? Does he really have to give up playing soccer? That's very sad. Can he still coach. And are you all bored if the exercise bike already? (so many questions!)

Julie said...

Love the sewing box, and the curd and the cats. I'm very surprised about the ortho reaction - was he saying 'at your age' ie too young for a reconstruction? Or did he mean not worth it so close to shuffling off the mortal coil? Cos I know lots of people on late 60s and even 70s who've had a new lease on life after a reconstruction. But maybe the knee can be salvaged in other ways, like exercise bike riding, and that's what he meant.

Zoya said...

Love the colour of the lemon curd (feeling grey and cold - why, oh why Australian homes are so badly insulated!?!).

Sewing box looks wonderful, what's inside? :-)

Martina said...

Sounds like your winter is going to be a lot like ours....Only much warmer. We lost a good 2 dozen trees on our street alone in December.
Now summer is bringing tornadoes and hurricane winds too. Is the weather becoming worse? I do think so.

Frances said...

It's just beginning to get a little too hot for comfort over here in NYC. I would not mind a chilly breeze.

Those wild narcissi are lovely. I don't think I've ever seen them anywhere before.

Good luck with sourcing that exercise bike. Meanwhile, do enjoy that charming LadyBox.


Fancylady Jenny said...

you know, i think it's actually called a Fancy Lady Sewing Box

katiecrackernuts said...

The lady sewing box is a win, the not being able to play soccer ever again, not so much. How's he warming to that? I don't know that I'd be that gracious if I was told I couldn't run.
Blowing a gale here this weekend. Hoping it'll die down overnight. Tomorrow's supposed to be a gloriously sunny day, it would be great if the wind would drop. I'd be out in the garden while a curry simmers on the stove. Mmmmm.

bec said...

Hang on, back to the surgeon- why did hes ay 'at your age' not to bother? I'm assuming becasue he's too young, not because he's 90 and about to cark it anyway...Ladybox makes me giggle!

bronchitikat said...

'Freezing' winter? I see no ice on that lovely swimming hole. Therefore it is merely cold. We often have Summer days like that in the UK (cold, not with added ice) & it's just post-Midsummer here.

Trouble is you're too used to it being HOT!

BTW - insulating your home, particularly the roof, will help with keeping it cool too.

bronchitikat said...

But I expect you knew that anyway.

Shammickite said...

But what about the excersise bike?

teco kumpul said...

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Annie Cholewa said...

Just catching up - I unplugged for a bit - swop you your cold for our summer heat ... it's pushing 30 degrees centigrade here, which may not sound like much to an Australian but is way too hot for this Brit. I need a summer house in a place where it's winter!

Loving the Ladybox!

Emily Jane said...

Hello, not sure if my last comment worked or not., but anyway, thank you for your lovely images and words. I often check in for a read and have done for a couple of years .

Shirley said...

Ate your age?! Harumph! Nothing like bringing you back to reality with a whopping great kathump. Feeling it. :( x