4 December 2014

continuing ...

Jacaranda watch: first day of summer.
First day of summer

Thank you for your comments about my father. I can't reply to all of them as they come through as no-reply comments for some reason, but please know that each one was greatly appreciated. There was no funeral but we will have a celebration of Dad's life at the end of the month with family and friends, just after Christmas, and at some point in the new year we will scatter his ashes at the beach where my brother and I grew up. All the children were in the middle of exams when Dad went into hospital and as we all thought he would pull through, I flew up there on my own, leaving the boys and the mister behind. It will be good to have all the grandchildren and partners there for the memorial/celebration afternoon.

To the Heart Garden #Heide
Into the Heart Garden at Heide

In the meantime life continues. Children finish school for the year (or forever, in one case), go away with their friends, the little kitty is very poorly and the vet is struggling for a diagnosis, a friend distracts me with an invitation to the opening of an art exhibition, and knitted things are cast off.

Shibui line break shawl
'Line Break' shawl in Shibui Staccato, a luxurious silky yarn from Sunspun Yarns

Not a well girl. Also, stung by a bee.
Hoping for a diagnosis soon. It's been months and I am desperate to see her plump and energetic again.

The ducklings at work are growing like weeds,

The campus ducklings are growing up fast

while the Welcome Swallows outside the laundry door have raised two lots of chicks this Spring.

Welcome Swallow egg shell

Insert cliche regarding the circle of life here.


MyLittleBlueDog said...

Hello, lovely photos as usual, I can't believe another year is over, it's all getting too fast for me. I am so sad to see the photo of your little cat. it is one of the highlights to open up one of your blog posts and to see the dear cats, snuggled together or just being beautiful snoozing on the quilt/chair/rug. I do hope you get a diagnosis soon and are able to get kitty back to good health.

Anonymous said...

Hello. My deepest sympathy on the loss of your father. Might the kitty have diabetes (genetic to Burmese) or kidney disease?

Joan said...

That last comment was from me in California. I didn't know how comments worked. :-)

Isabelle said...

Oh, I'm sorry about your little cat (as well as your father, obviously). I do hope she gets better.

Sue said...

I am so sorry to hear about your father, how heartbreaking. My condolescences to your family. I was just thinking that perhaps your cat might have an iron deficiency as that can make them lose weight. Our 5 week old kitten was anaemic when we found out about iron deficiences in cats but it was too late to help her as her veins were not strong enough to make her better. I hope you find out what is wrong with your cat very soon.

Duyvken said...

Such beautiful photos, Suse.