15 January 2015

closing and opening

Queensland sky II

Christmas and new year took on a different shape this year - this first year without my dad. While we were all gathered in Queensland we took the opportunity to farewell Dad with friends and extended family, nibbles and lots of champagne. It was tough and lovely at the same time, but it felt right. The ritual of a wake or funeral or in our case a champagne celebration at Mum's house, really brings comfort and closure doesn't it?

Hello beach.

While in Queensland we also took the opportunity to visit our favourite beach, and trot up to Brisbane to GOMA to catch the latest exhibition and hang out with the cousins who we see only once a year.


We helped Mum with more sorting and made a couple of trips to the op shop. I also wrangled her sewing machine to make a new clothespeg bag as two years of nagging her to make herself a new one seemed to have failed.

I wrangled Mum's sewing machine and made her a new clothes peg bag.

We're now back home in our messy house with the luscious brown beasties and back at work. Sigh.

Early light on messy house

The wee one (Betsy, the darker brown smudge in the photo below) appears to be recovering from her six months of mystery virus. She is slowly putting on weight, purrs and snuggles again on a regular basis, and positively sprinted through the house the other day which she has not done since she was very young indeed. I am hoping she is on her way back to bouncy shiny good health. She also turned one on the 6th. My own little Epiphany.

Can't make the bed.

The middle child received his year 12 results and now awaits university offers. I'm excited to see what this year holds in store for him.

New beginnings for a new year.


Kirti said...

wow that is a big start to the new year. A soulful one. Blessings on your dad's next journey.

And those crisp white sheets are really just to compliment the cats aren't they...for photo opportunities...

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It's odd how comforting a funeral or wake can be . As the family closes round , letting go seems possible , somehow ...
What a gorgeous colour little cat is !

Janet said...

Yes it is odd how comforting a funeral or wake or similar can be, even if it is hard at the time. I'm also struck by how much I need to drop things at the opshop, both Mum's and mine.

Those kitties look so adorbs (as Grace would say) all curled up and your house looks all natural and homey.

MyLittleBlueDog said...

Firstly I have to say how very very pleased I am to hear kitten is improving, it was so sad to think about her fading away, we had a similar problem with our cat. Such a positive start to the new year. Love the peg bag, I've been sewing those koala mittens out of my tea towels. Hope the year continues to improve for you and your family two and four legged members.

driftwood said...

wishing you happy times in 2015, great news about kitty, fingers crossed for your son that he gets the offers he wants x

Stomper Girl said...

Yay for mad kitty dashes, and being home and looking ahead.

Isabelle said...

Good about your feeling of comfort and closure (know what you mean) and the improving little cat. Good also about the peg bag. I was just looking at the peg bag I made 40 years ago and thinking it was somewhat past its best (but I'm not going to live another 40 years so is it worth making another one..?)

kt said...

Glad to hear about family cleaving unto each other, kitty improvements, and uni offers.

Our Girlie got her early acceptance to the school of her dreams and we are waiting on the runners-up to see who will pony up to host her for the next chapters in her school year. (She'll go for the first replier or I'll eat my hat.)

May 2015 be gentle and kind to you and all the Soups.