10 February 2015

2014 book list

Good morning

Betsy says good morning I am feeling much better thank you please feed me.

I updated my reading list for 2014. It's over there on the left under "not just cookbooks", or if you're reading via a reader, here's a direct link.


That's not my house.


meli said...

Oh that booklist is a good idea - I might start doing that. I had a look over your list for the last two years and saw a couple I had read (like Burial Rites) and loved and a couple I'll add to my list.

Kirti said...

Oh great Suse thanks for posting that list - I'm always asking people for book recommendations. Got my own list going at my blog. I'm about to read The Year of Living Dangerously, and then if I can get my hands on it - a second read of Burial Rites.

I'm happy for you that this is not your house.

MyLittleBlueDog said...

So very happy to see kitten looking so well.

Sue said...

Loved reading your booklist Suse. I'm keen to read the Antonia Forrest books. I read Peter's Room as a teenager but it's terribly hard to get hold of these days. Those Jane Austen rewrites seem like a wholly pointless exercise.

Shammickite said...

Oh goody goody, I've been waiting for your 2014 booklist. I post mine every year too..... if you are interested go to my blog and click on books in the topics list.
I think that's MY house!

Frances said...

Thanks so much for the booklist. I see some names and titles that are new to me, and look forward to investigating further.

Your two photographs are very fine. Pretty little kitty is looking good. The old house has seen a lot of history over the years, I'll bet. There is something about the colors, and graphic quality and composition that does link these pictures, although they are so different, too. xo

Mousy Brown said...

So many interesting books and I can't believe how few of them I have heard of or read...will be checking a whole lot of those out...
So glad that Betsy feels better, what good news!

Lynn said...

That picture of Betsy is pretty much the best photo ever taken in the whole world.

Isabelle said...

Oh, lovely lovely cat.

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