21 August 2015

little hints of spring

Sparkly river with bonus sun flare

Icy at my place this morning

Pale pink cousins to the red ones from earlier in the week

I never tire of waking up to this

Hints of spring

winter is here

Gumnut babies

Betsy likes a freshly lit wood stove. Well for the first ten toasty minutes anyway until it gets too hot.

After a cold cold winter, I'm ready for some warmth.


Lynn said...

Oh, how pretty it all is! xo

MyLittleBlueDog said...

Oh I'm hopeless, moved from the Hawkesbury after 32 years to the Southern Highlands to experience some cold... and I am sad winter is over, we even got a good snow fall but I want the cold weather to last a bit longer... I know I am weird. Little Betsy scares me, my cat finally understood the fire after thinking we were insane... now he worships at it lying on the hearth rug and getting toasty it was a fear of mine he would jump on top of the fire. Betsy obviously starts on a cold fire. So beautiful, hope spring comes fast for you. Lovely photos.

Frances said...

Emerging from a particularly hot and humid week in New York, yearning for some cool autumn air (that won't arrive for weeks) I was so pleased to see your photographs. Fresh air is very much appreciated.

Happy weekend. xo

Shammickite said...

As you look forward to spring, I look forward to those delightfully crisp golden autumn days that we have here in the Northern Hemisphere. Summer .has been hot, sometimes too hot. I'm ready for cool nights .

Anonymous said...

Toasted cat?!!!!!

Susan ( HHB that was)