9 October 2015

Live from Ubud

I can't find any time to blog in a meaningful way while we're here in Ubud, but many of us (me included) are posting to Instagram frequently. Search the hashtag #retreatrecreate over there (and to - lesser extent on Facebook) and you'll see lots of stories and Lara over at Thornberry is blogging every single morning. We're awake at rooster o'clock most days - some of us go to yoga and some of us blog!

Okay, blogger is not letting me link or insert photos right now. It was fine yesterday but the wifi is sketchy and the iPad is elderly. The retreat|recreate page has links though and do follow us all on instagram via the hashtag. I'll edit this post when i return home (small sob).

Edited: I'm home, struggling with re-entry, but already planning next year's retreat!

Check out retreat|recreate for the first round up of this year's event. I'll be adding more round up entries as time allows.

Next year's dates are confirmed, prices and final details to come!

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Having slightly elderly technology (etc.) myself , I'll have to wait . Looking forward to it !